#1 Leader Everywhere – Insider Tops the G2 Winter’22 Grids and Indexes With up to 4X Faster Time to Value (TTV)

We’ve been ranked as the #1 platform in Mobile Marketing, Personalization, Customer Journey Analytics, and Customer Data Platform on G2’s Winter 22 Reports. We are helping the world’s top enterprise brands realize their ROI in less than 4 months — up to 4X faster than industry standards. Insider has been named a Leader based on its high customer satisfaction score and global presence marked by the most extensive cross-channel campaign orchestration capabilities. A staggering 100% of our users rated us above 4.

Table of Contents
  1. Topping the Mobile Marketing grids and indexes

  2. Grabbing the highest score in the Mobile Marketing grid

  3. Leading the Personalization software grid report

  4. Emergence as the market leader in Customer Journey Analytics

  5. Sustained growth as a major player in the Customer Data Platform space

  6. Topping the Results Index with fastest Time to Value

  7. Hear what users have to say about Insider

  8. What Insider’s Growth Management Platform can do for your cross-channel marketing strategy

Insider stands out as a leader on all grids and indexes on the G2 Winter’22 Report

With over 5 million+ buyers checking out software providers and businesses seeking out reviews, G2 is the ultimate platform for peer-to-peer reviews.

The fact that we lead multiple G2 grids and indexes for the Winter 2022 Report is a testament to our customers, who offer unmatched and deep insights into our capabilities and performance. For the 20th quarter in a row, we’ve been named as a leader across multiple categories on G2. By leading multiple grids and indexes across categories like mobile marketing, personalization, customer journey analytics, and customer data platform, Insider is undoubtedly a global leader in the marketing technology space. 

Based entirely on these unbiased reviews from over 250 of our customers, we’ve achieved an average user satisfaction score of 4.7/5 on G2 where 81% of our users rated us 5 stars.

Once again, we’ve topped the charts as the:

  • #1 Leader on Mobile Marketing Grid Report
  • #1 Leader on Personalization Grid Report
  • #1 Leader on Customer Journey Analytics Grid Report
  • #1 Leader on Europe Grid Report for Mobile Marketing 
  • #1 Leader on Europe Grid Report for Personalization Software
  • #1 Leader on APAC Grid Report for Mobile Marketing 
  • #1 Leader on the Results Index for Mobile Marketing
  • #1 Leader on the Results Index for Customer Journey Analytics
  • #1 Leader on the Results Index for Customer Data Platform
  • #1 Leader on the Results Index for Personalization Engines 
  • #1 Leader on the Relationship Index for Customer Data Platform

The satisfaction of our customers is indicated by our extremely high scores across categories –

97% of our users also believe that the development of our product is in the right direction and a testament to this belief from our customers is that 94% of them would be likely to recommend it to prospective customers. 

Topping the Mobile Marketing grids and indexes

We’ve been a leader on G2’s mobile marketing grid for 20 consecutive quarters now — backed by the powerful engagement and conversion tools optimized for both, the mobile web and mobile apps, which our customers love very much.

The mobile channel drives more than 60% of digital traffic, yet conversions are only 20%, because poor experiences lead to users dropping off. A recent McKinsey study revealed that 40% of mobile web potential customers move on to competitors due to poor experiences, illustrating the importance of flawless mobile web experiences. 

Around 75% of customers tend to uninstall the app within the first week itself. This highlights how important it is to create and deliver experiences that keep the customer glued to the app.

Marketers across industries can connect with their customers on mobile web, mobile apps, and web browsers by using the right mobile marketing software. Our mobile marketing solutions track data collected from mobile web history to user location to increase sales, gain subscribers, and persuade users to take action using the multiple touchpoints in a customer’s journey. 

G2’s Mobile Marketing Grid requires that mobile marketing software meet the following requirements:

  • Providing marketers with the ability to reach consumers on their mobile devices
  • Utilize mobile web browsers, push notifications, and in-app notifications to reach users
  • Have templates for mobile ad campaigns
  • Measure the impact of each ad
  • Be compatible with proximity analytics software or offer it

Grabbing the highest score in the Mobile Marketing grid

Insider has outplayed all providers on the Mobile Marketing Software report and stands out as the top leader with an overall score of 85. Users have rated Insider for its robust Mobile Marketing capabilities, powerful AI-driven recommendations and the ability to deliver individualized experiences across channels.

We help brands segment customers with our powerful campaign analysis and custom dashboards. From mobile web and mobile app experiences to engagement on messaging channels like SMS, WhatsApp to crafting push notifications and in-app messages, brands can craft personalized engagements with their customers from any of these channels. 

As a means of personalized engagement, brands can opt to send out coupons and promotions, and this is a feature where we score above our competitors by a significant margin. Push notifications has been captured as the most powerful engagement channel with a score of 96. 

Leading the Personalization Software Grid Report

Insider ranks the highest among all providers in the Personalization Software Grid with an overall score of 92. Users from across industries such as retail, beauty and cosmetics, apparel and fashion, and consumer electronics have rated Insider for its advanced capabilities in delivering individualized cross-channel experiences.

G2’s Winter’22 Report indicates that Insider has the largest market presence among products in Personalization with a score of 93. 100% of users rated us 4 or 5 stars, 98% of users believe that the product is headed in the right direction, and 93% of the users said they would be likely to recommend Insider. 

Emergence as a market leader in Customer Journey Analytics

Insider also ranks as the #1 leader in the Customer Journey Analytics with an average score of 95, comfortably ahead of all the competitors. Through Insider, our customers have been able to build cross-channel journeys effortlessly. 

Our solid dynamic segmentation coupled with cross-channel journey orchestration helps brands craft powerful, individualized experiences across channels like website, mobile app, mobile web, push notifications, email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Combining this ability with the power of AI which helps brands engage on the most preferred channel of their customers has helped them scale massively. 

Sustained growth as a major player in the Customer Data Platform space

Insider ended 2020 as the #7 leader with an overall score of 70 in Customer Data Platform (CDP). Fast forward a year, we’re up to #2 with an overall score of 92. The growth has been immense and the customers have given their vote of confidence with a Net Promoter Score of 87, the highest in the industry. 

Our CDP stitches data from all sources, both offline and online to provide a single, unified 360o  view of each customer. The CDP becomes the single source of truth for our customers when it comes to their customer data. 

G2’s Winter’22 Report is a justification of the growth Insider’s Customer Data Platform has witnessed over the past year and the exceptionally high satisfaction ratings given by our customers is a massive vote of confidence. 

97% of users believe that the product is headed in the right direction and 95% of them would also recommend the product to others, showing the confidence our customers have on our solution. 

Insider also topped the other categories like ease of doing business with, ease of set up, and quality of support. This is a testament to the great customer support teams we have set up regionally. 

Topping the Results Index with the Fastest Time to Value

Insider’s mobile marketing suite offers a wide range of capabilities to deliver diverse marketing campaigns that target smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices across the mobile web, mobile app, and app push notifications. Insider also enables marketers to achieve a quick turnaround – with the estimated ROI period being 5.73 months.

The report shows that the average time in months before customers start realizing the ROI is around 11 months. However, Insider’s powerful AI-driven segmentation and robust personalization suite ensure that brands are able to start realizing their ROI much sooner. Insider delivers up to 2X faster time to value. Seeing value in double quick time has made Insider a favorite amongst brands looking for a mobile marketing and cross-channel engagement platform. 

Users have also rated Insider’s mobile marketing experience for its:

  • Accurate segmentation capabilities
  • Integrated mobile web, push notifications and in-app engagement features
  • Wide range of use-case templates for easy campaign management
  • Extensive reporting and performance monitoring

Hear what users have to say about Insider

What Insider’s Growth Management Platform can do for your cross-channel marketing strategy

With customer behavior evolving rapidly in a mobile-first and messaging-first era, it’s critical for you to have the right tools you need to create, track, optimize, and personalize experiences for each user at scale. 

Having a mighty platform with powerful capabilities isn’t enough, by itself. You need to have a solid foundation to get up and running. You need the full support of a marketing expert community behind you that’s already tested and learned, taking the guesswork and initial growing pains out of the learning curve for you.

From scratch, semi-customized, or ready-to-launch templates, you have the freedom and flexibility to build customer journeys and market them the way you want to. With Insider, you can start building individualized cross-channel experiences with speed and baked intelligence that will steer you towards success. 

Want to see Insider’s powerful personalization and mobile marketing in action? Request a personalized demo right away!

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