We are living in challenging times where almost 20% of the world’s population is under quarantine😷. And a good majority of companies continue businesses by working from home. 💻🏠 Whether WFH is a blessing or a curse, only time will tell. But since it is here to stay as the new normal for a while, we put together a useful playbook on WFH best practices including:

  • Setting up routines; planning and sticking to daily schedules
  • Keeping connected with your team
  • Socializing with your loved ones and colleagues during this time of social distancing

Read on for all the great tips on how to improve productivity and how to stay mentally and physically fit in the times of social distancing. Even if you can’t follow all of these tips at once, knowing about them may help you in the long run!

Whether you are totally new to WFH or a seasoned guru, we guarantee that you’ll love our tips for rocking the WFH experience. 

Stay safe, stay calm. We are in this together. 🙌

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