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Welcome to the ultimate marketing and eCommerce resource center. Here, you’ll find proven strategies, expert insights, and tactics for maximizing engagement, average order value, and revenue this peak season. Dive into regional and industry data in our comprehensive Peak Shopping Season Report. Find actionable use cases, solutions, and more to make this your best holiday shopping season yet!

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Peak Season Benchmarks & 2021 Predictions

Our 2021 Peak Season Shopping Report analyzes conversion rates, average order values, user experience metrics, and industry trends from the past year and 2019, along with predictions into 2021. As a bonus, we break down regional performance across Retailers – Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics, and Home & Furniture and provide prescriptive solutions to roadblocks in the way of exceptional customer experiences.

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Peak Shopping Season eBook: All Systems are “GO” for Your 2021 Holiday Mission!

Looking for holiday marketing campaign inspiration? Look no further than our Peak Shopping Season eBook. In it, you’ll find real-world use cases and sample copy and visuals for different industries. Plus, tactics to boost engagement, average order value, and revenue with personalization and cross-channel marketing. Don’t miss out.

Peak Season Blogs

Practical tips, tactics, and strategies for running winning holiday marketing campaigns.

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Top Tips to Win this Peak Shopping Season

Insider eCommerce expert Wai Teng shares peak shopping season strategies to help marketers maximize revenue. She covers changing consumer behavior and psychology and how to use channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, app, and traditional marketing channels to drive sales and long-term loyalty.

Yong Wai Teng

Director of Product Onboarding

Peak Season Webinars


Peak season is the dream for marketers: sales, deals, offers, and more. But this dream can quickly turn bad without the right action.


As a leader in Forrester, G2, and Gartner, Insider knows a thing or two about customer satisfaction.


Insider eCommerce expert brings the insights and experience to help retailers how they can overcome possible challenges during the holiday season.

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Insider connects data across channels, predicts future behavior with AI, and individualizes experiences from a single platform with the fastest time to value.

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© 2021 Powered by Insider. All rights reserved.