Leading women’s garment brand Hunkemöller achieves 13X ROI with Insider, and the partnership will expand to 10 more markets globally

LONDON, March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hunkemöller, a leading European lingerie brand with over 900 stores across 22 countries, partnered with Insider to deliver fresh online experiences backed by the latest AI and multi-channel personalization technologies.

Insider will enable Hunkemöller’s marketing teams to deliver tailored, more relevant and meaningful customer journeys across channels to drive digital growth and brand loyalty. Insider’s feature-rich Growth Management Platform is already powering 600+ global brands including, UNIQLO, Philips, Singapore Airlines DecathlonSamsungToyotaCarrefourMediaMarkt, Dominos, Estée Lauder, Adidas, Levi’s, Puma, GAP, Virgin, AVIS, Newsweek, Marks & SpencerAvonNissan, Allianz, BBVAIKEA, and CNN

During the first months of the partnership, Hunkemöller designed and delivered over 20 different personalization scenarios to their customers across channels, which proved to be highly effective. For example, Hunkemöller used Insider’s social proof messaging technology to create a sense of urgency and helped shoppers build confidence by showcasing a given product’s popularity—indicating the number of items left in stock, the number of shoppers looking at the same product or showcasing customers reviews. Not only has the incremental revenue for Hunkemöller improved significantly, but the ROI also reached 13X. As a result of the success, the partnership will be expanded to 10 more markets globally.

During our initial conversations with the Hunkemöller team, we found out that driving digital growth through personalizing user experiences was high on the e-commerce agenda. We helped Hunkemöller accelerate the process and in only a matter of weeks, we have built and executed a solid plan with their e-commerce team that led to an ROI of over 13x. I believe this is only the beginning of this growth path as we will help this strong fashion brand grow in 10 more markets globally,” said Bas Drogtrop, Country Manager for Benelux at Insider.

“Insider’s broad array of off the shelf and personalized site enhancements, enabling us to quickly activate and test new functionalities, was the main reason to act as their launching partner in the Benelux. The results are great so far. Additionally, the cooperation has been very fluid and we are impressed by their ability to move fast. For that reason we have expanded this activity to multiple countries and are looking forward to continued success,” said Bert Middendorp, Manager eCommerce for Hunkemöller.

Insider’s Growth Management Platform works to unify customer data from across channels to segment and engage users through AI and predictive technologies. In this way, brands can engage users in real-time, based on historical, real-time and predictive data (i.e. Likelihood to Purchase, Discount Affinity, etc.) to deliver highly personalized experiences across web, mobile web, app, email, messaging apps and more. A key outcome of this is eliminating marketing waste and optimizing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), Conversion Rate, LTV (Lifetime Value) and other crucial marketing metrics.

Insider goes a step further to help brands with their simple and easy integration method. Completely removing the need for complex, multi-stage integrations and the need for dedicated IT teams; in an effort to remove marketing wastes.

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