Mobile Web Meets Exit Intent Technology

Edwin Halim

Dec 13, 2017

Mobile Web Meets Exit Intent Technology Featured Image
Edwin Halim

Dec 13, 2017

Table of Contents
  1. The technology behind world’s first exit intent technology for the mobile web

  2. Introducing the World’s First Exit Intent Technology for the Mobile Web

  3. Preventing Mobile Abandonment and Customer’s Disinterest

  4. With Customer’s Engagement, There’s No Second Chance

  5. Maximizing your Customer Lifetime Value

The technology behind world’s first exit intent technology for the mobile web

The importance of mobile in marketing is skyrocketing, with users becoming more and more confident in online experiences. But one thing remains a challenge: conversion rates. Smart Insights report on mobile consumption suggests that conversion rates are only about 4% on mobile. What’s even worse, abandonment rate on this same channel is about 50%.

The same report also highlights that 75% of the visitors never come back to a website if they leave before adding something into their carts. Looking into our own data, 62% of traffic to digital channels come from the mobile web, yet only 20% of conversions take place on this channel.

If you want to tap into the potential of your mobile web conversion and optimize your funnel for more customer engagement, you’ll have to rethink three main points: first, have a great mobile site, second, deliver highly-contextual mobile web experiences, and, third, if your visitors still want to leave your page, you’ll have to catch them up with enriched exit intent notifications.

Introducing the World’s First Exit Intent Technology for the Mobile Web

Working closely with marketers of over 300 brands worldwide, we discovered that engaging distracted customers were a big pain point for them. But we also found out that the exit intent technology on the mobile web was a much-needed solution, not only to prevent visitors from leaving the website, or abandoning a cart, but also to re-engage them before they end their current session.

To solve this conversion puzzle, and deliver better mobile experiences, we created the world’s first mobile web exit intent feature: a unique technology to deliver better mobile experiences and revive the customer’s interest.

Preventing Mobile Abandonment and Customer’s Disinterest

The exit intent notification is triggered based on specific touch behaviors we mapped previously, These include holding the browser’s back button, double tapping the mobile browser to switch between browser tabs, upward scrolling speed indicating the customer’s declining interest, and many more.

But what exactly do these algorithms do? They help prevent mobile abandonment by allowing marketers to provide relevant and personalized exit intent messages, driving loyalty and conversions on the mobile web. Besides, exit intent technology can also help marketers to build email lists and promote personalized offers, that, in turn, can boost conversion rates and customer loyalty.

With Customer’s Engagement, There’s No Second Chance

Mobile web exit intent has proven itself to be a great tool for marketers to tap into their conversion potential on mobile and fix it by delivering relevant exit intent messages to specific micro audiences.

AI-backed predictive technologies allow marketers to anticipate visitors’ future behaviours, including those folks who show an intent to abandon the page. With this powerful knowledge in hands, marketers can now enrich exit intent messages making them timely, super personalized and impactful, targeting those disinterested visitors.

Maximizing your Customer Lifetime Value

When high-value customers see exit intent messages, they are much more likely to complete their transaction. These personalized messages also help decrease cart abandonment and prevent losing potential customers.

Exit intent is also an invaluable tool to notify inactive users with personalized 1:1 messages, targeting those distracted visitors who haven’t been active, or even those ones who are about to exit the website. These folks are re-attracted to the online channel with dynamic content based on their predicted segments.

Delivering mobile web experiences, that are meant for the mobile web, will help marketers tap into their mobile conversion potential. If we think of the startling potential in mobile consumption, brands that enable optimized experiences in mobile devices will not only enhance their marketing strategies and boost their conversion rates. With exit intent technology, they will reach out to their targeted audience in a personalized and timely way, turning disinterested visitors into a loyal community of customers.

Edwin is oversees Insider's customer success team in Indonesia and the Philippines. He has 6+ years of experience in digital marketing, with a special focus on multichannel CRM strategy, growth hacking, and A/B testing. Before Insider, Edwin was a technology consultant at Accenture and co-founded his own Digital Agency.