Top 5 insights to drive mobile app growth for the rising marketer

Edwin Halim

Nov 8, 2017

Top 5 insights to drive mobile app growth for the rising marketer Featured Image
Edwin Halim

Nov 8, 2017

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  1. Five proven ways to enhance mobile first experiences with Insider’s new mobile app growth platform

Five proven ways to enhance mobile first experiences with
Insider’s new mobile app growth platform

Mobile has changed how customers do things forever: how they shop, how they book flights, how they read the news or how they listen to music. So did it change the life of digital marketers? Digital marketers across industries are facing both the opportunity and the challenge of an ever-more-connected customer. Delivering more relevant and meaningful experiences on the customers’ preferred channels when it actually matters is becoming a prerequisite for growth.

We’ve built our new mobile app growth platform with the most pressing challenges of the rising mobile marketer in mind. Here are 5 proven ways to enhance “mobile first” experiences that will help you get the most out of your app.

Social proof for the mobile app is here – Finally

Through designing urgency-evoking social proof experiences on your mobile app you can ease the minds of indecisive customers and drive faster conversions. Social proof is a great way to show your mobile app customers evidence that others are also showing interest in or buying the same product or service. A bank can show how many people recently applied to a certain credit card campaign to encourage applications. A travel app can reveal how many seats are left in a selected flight or how many people are currently viewing a hotel room to create a sense of urgency which will result in faster booking decisions.

Gather insights into why you are losing app users

Consumers spend 30 hours a month on apps, making mobile an integral part of their lives. Knowing what brings your customers to the point where they want to uninstall your app is a crucial metric to keep an eye on. Analyzing uninstall metrics can help you identify behavioural patterns which can help you take data-backed actions to minimize uninstall rates. At the end, we all want to keep retention rates healthy. Our new mobile app growth platform helps you target those users who have recently uninstalled your app with Facebook Ads to re-engage them to start using your app again.

Start leveraging latest innovations in push technology

With the latest innovations in mobile app push technology, brands can now deliver more meaningful and relevant experiences to their customers. Standard push notifications are no longer relevant in our “mobile first” era. Rich push notifications deliver 1:1 messages along with images, videos and GIFs in more eye-catching formats. Carousel push notifications allow you to deliver multiple products in the same push notification, offer storytelling features and help minimize cart abandonment rates by showing customers what they’ve left in their carts. The good news is that carousel push yields 2x to 4x higher open rates compared to other push alternatives.

Deliver content that matters, when it matters

Increasing engagement with dynamic content based on time, location, past or future behaviours is crucial to deliver hyper-relevant and thoroughly personalized experiences, driving interaction on-the-go. However, delivering personalized mobile app experiences is not enough. Catching the right moment is equally important to get the most out of your app. By reaching out to each and every app user with relevant content at their optimal time you can boost open rates significantly and build deeper relationships.

Drive loyalty when users are most engaged

Building deeper relationships with users when they are already active in your app with highly contextual in-app messages is a proven way to drive loyalty and growth. You can use 1:1 in-app messages collect valuable feedback, gather insights through surveys or deliver personalized offers. Delivering in-app messages to generate quality leads is also a great way to enrich your user data profiles by asking for personal information such as email and phone number.

The rising marketer should consider mobile apps as an unparalleled opportunity to engage directly with their customers, enhance personalized experiences and build long-lasting, richer and more meaningful relationships to drive mobile app growth like never before.

Edwin is oversees Insider's customer success team in Indonesia and the Philippines. He has 6+ years of experience in digital marketing, with a special focus on multichannel CRM strategy, growth hacking, and A/B testing. Before Insider, Edwin was a technology consultant at Accenture and co-founded his own Digital Agency.