Meet Insider’s five-o-five eBook series

Disney Yapa

Aug 29, 2017

Disney Yapa

Aug 29, 2017

Launching Insider’s new eBook series: Five industry-specific best practices under five mins

Meet Insider’s Five-O-Five eBook Series!
5 actionable personalization scenarios. 5 min read-time.

In these industry-specific byte-size eBooks, we introduce 5 winning personalization ideas that you can read in 5 minutes and easily put into practice. All ideas are based on our experience with global clients across industries, including Singapore Airlines, Uniqlo, Toyota, Lenovo, CNN and many more. So, we wanted to share proven best practices we’ve discovered on the way.

We’re kicking off our Five-O-Five e-book series with three different industries:

Take 5 to read:

Each eBook will cover:

  • Key challenges industries face going through digital transformation
  • Proven CX and personalization strategies adopted by the world’s leading brands
  • Actionable vertical-specific personalization scenarios

Stay tuned for the upcoming eBooks in our series.

I am passionate about helping retailers and brands to acquire, understand, retain, reward and grow their customer base in e-commerce, hospitality, retail and service sectors. Working with CX and digital marketing strategies. Currently working with the worlds first integrated GMP - Growth Management Platform to manage all customer touch points with an AI powered unified data layer, creating a true single customer view.