In-time analytics for data-backed decision making when it actually matters

Srikant Kotapalli

Oct 23, 2017

Table of Contents
  1. Introducing InTime Analytics for enhanced personalized experiences

  2. Accuracy + Precision = Real-Time Data, Real Insights

  3. Act on Content that Outperforms

  4. Make Your Data “Real”

Introducing InTime Analytics for enhanced personalized experiences

In the progressively increasing business environment, brands should make data-backed business decisions at the speed of customer expectations. Therefore, historical data, as well as real-time analytics have become a crucial foundation for brands to gain business insights in order to deliver data-backed, more relevant, personalized and converting experiences.

That’s why we are introducing InTime Analytics, which will enable brands to observe each product’s conversion metrics, view traffic sources and check out the last 30 days’ data. In addition, category/brand managers will be able to filter data with respect to device type and identify high performing products, articles and more for each metric and source.

Accuracy + Precision = Real-Time Data, Real Insights

Originated and driven by understanding interactions between website visitor actions and leveraging data into meaningful information, InTime Analytics allows brands to personalize online experiences in real time. The main goal for brands to use analytics is to better understand customer patterns, trends, behaviors etc. and then respond to those needs backed by the most up-to-date data. However, one of the most important components of responding to these needs is the ability to analyze data and turn it into actions that take place at that very moment.

Act on Content that Outperforms

In the digital age where average website sessions are getting shorter, providing accurate and top performing content/product to visitors has become a game-changer primarily for e-commerce and publishing companies. Let’s take publishers as an example; it is crucial for them to track how each article performs. Consider that a corner post at that moment performs better compared to others. If you replace top performing articles with badly performing ones, it would increase average session duration and it may make it easier for readers to reach other related articles and relevant news. Imagine an e-commerce site now. If a product receives more clicks than others and has a higher conversion rate, you can easily make that product more visible on the main page to drive conversions.

Make Your Data “Real”

In today’s business environment, providing personalized interactions and making decisions with data that does not belong at that moment is becoming obsolete. With InTime, brands/category managers now will be able to scale and analyze real-time data efficiently without leaving the platform, which will ultimately lead deliver more relevant, personalized and converting experiences.

With 12+ years of experience in consulting, building, and marketing technology products for clients across industries, Srikant is a product leader, storyteller, data fanatic, and UX/usability enthusiast. He often appears as a speaker on panels about personalization and optimization and has a passion for building simple solutions to complex problems, and is currently pursuing that at Insider.