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We’re not knocking Bloomreach but IDC did rank us a leader, placing us ahead of Bloomreach in their recent MarketScape 2022 report, and who are we to argue with the experts?

The report awarded Insider the maximum rating, 5.0/5.0, for multiple CDP criteria including the ability to seamlessly stitch zero, first, second & third-party customer data into unified customer profiles, AI-led predictive analytics and optimization, journey orchestration, consent management, time-to-value (TTV), and more.

Insider it the the number one choice for journey orchestration, providing 12+ channels including web, mobile, WhatsApp, web push, ads, SMS, app and more. This is combined with industry-leading predictive segmentation and best and next best channel detection algorithms, all from one platform.

Compare Capabilities

Cross-channel Journey Orchestration Insider manages complex journeys across multiple channels - without reliance on IT.
Onsite Personalization Template Library Bloomreach has a very limited number of personalization templates Insider has a library of 120+ ready-to-go templates, designed to help multiple industries grow
Web Push Notifications Web push from Bloomreach requires significant technical assistance to implement. Insider's rapid-action channel can be live and collecting subscribers within minutes
Web Product Discovery Insider offers a suite of product discovery capabilities, including InStory. Bloomreach doesn't offer any advanced templates for product discovery
Customer Engagement Surveys Bloomreach survey capbilities are confined to NPS alone. Insider customers can creat custom surveys to better understand their customers and personalize their experiences
In-App Message Template Library Insider's vast library of templates covers everything from triggered surveys to gamification. Bloomreach does not offer in-app messaging
App Analytics Insider's in-depth analytics on app performance allow marketers to understand their app users, including uninstall data. Bloomreach does not offer this
Product Recommendations Insider’s Smart Recommender delivers product and content recommendations in real-time, leveraging data from channels like Web, App, Email, Web Push
Integration and Set-Up Integrate Insider across your website or app in less than 5 minutes. Insider offers the fastest time to market and time to value, verified by users
Customer Ratings
Personalization Template Library
Template Customization
Personalized Recommendations
Personalized Messaging
Predictive Modelling
A/B Testing

#1 Leader everywhere

Insider was recently announced as a leader in the Forrester Wave™ Report for Cross-Channel Campaign Management.

Insider is ranked as the #1 platform in Mobile Marketing and Personalization on G2, topping the charts on the latest reports.

What set us apart is our ability to deliver up to 3X faster Time to Value compared to other players in the market.

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