Introducing InOne: The next level in digital customer experience delivery — Part One

Srikant Kotapalli

Feb 21, 2017

Table of Contents
  1. Interview with Hande Cilingir, Co-founder and CEO of Insider

  2. What’s the main differentiator of InOne?

  3. How will InOne impact the lives of marketers and customers?

Interview with Hande Cilingir, Co-founder and CEO of Insider

Today, you’ve launched the InOne platform. Can you briefly explain how InOne will help marketers with customer experience delivery?

InOne brings together all technologies marketers need to deliver personalized experiences under a single, highly usable platform. InOne makes the technology so seamless that it truly blends into the daily lives of marketers, fully empowering them behind the scenes.

With the InOne platform, we are empowering marketers to work freely and focus on their actual work, without depending on a team of data scientists and IT teams. They can easily leverage actionable segments, make changes on their websites and apps by deploying personalizations and start tracking performance in minutes.

InOne is built to empower marketers across industries to deliver authentic and individualized customer experiences across the web, mobile web, and apps. We are reshaping the way how visitors interact with digital channels by helping marketers design personalized experiences… Experiences tailored for each and every person based on their unique preferences.

It’s that feeling of being understood, being served relevant content at that particular time and context. Just as if they walked into a branch or a store physically. It’s that level of interaction and experience that keep visitors coming back for more… You deliver them well-thought out experiences going beyond their expectations, which eventually creates raving fans and brand advocates. It’s all about the experience!

What’s the main differentiator of InOne?

Introducing the Ad Audiences feature, InOne brings the disjointed worlds of adtech and martech together. Now marketers are able to push predictive segments into 3rd party ad platforms such as Facebook and Google AdWords, optimizing their marketing spend. How? Let’s take a closer look.

When you walk into a brick-and-mortar store, a sales rep would start watching and analyzing you from a distance, trying to understand what you would be interested in purchasing. Partially informed, he or she would approach you and based on your behaviour, start talking to you about the daily discount in the store or show you where you can find the items you’re looking for, always trying to improve your in-store experience and guide you to checkout. Likewise, our technology helps marketers better understand their online visitors and helps them prioritize which products or content, discounts or ads they should show, helping them optimize their marketing spend.

Technically speaking, a visitor’s likelihood to achieve a goal, likelihood to make a purchase, likelihood to apply for a credit card or likelihood of reading an article online, is predicted by a machine-learning algorithm based on their online behaviour. For instance, knowing which customers are more or less inclined to buy an item on a given e-commerce site, marketers can easily prioritize who they would like to target with discount messages, 1:1 messages or advertisements. Marketers can also optimize their ROAS by pushing predictive segments right into AdWords and Facebook. For instance, a marketer can send a discount only to those customers who are more likely to buy, rather than spending ad dollars for those who are less likely to buy.

How will InOne impact the lives of marketers and customers?

InOne platform improves the experience for marketers and customers alike. Marketers who have been struggling with managing fragmented technologies, making sense of data and facing technology roadblocks can now easily act on ready-to-use and high-impact segments powered by a robust data engine to deliver personalized experiences, driving growth and brand loyalty. Customers can enjoy personalized and relevant offers, improving their interactions with the brands they love, whether it’s a financial institution or an e-commerce business.

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