MAC Cosmetics achieves 123.5% uplift in conversions through onsite optimization

About MAC Cosmetics

Part of the Estée Lauder group since 1994, MAC (Make-Up Art Cosmetics) operates and sells cosmetics products in over 105 countries around the world today. With over 50 collections hitting the shelves each year, MAC is committed to developing new categories and products to serve the demands of consumers and professional makeup artists. MAC took life in Toronto, Canada, in 1984. From creating cosmetics in a kitchen, MAC today is a leading professional makeup authority, creating trends at fashion weeks around the world.
Executive Summary

MAC Cosmetics, part of the Estee Lauder group, previously had successful experiences with other Estee Lauder domains in Europe, and they wanted to bring this success to the Middle East. MAC wanted to replicate the market trends and use Insider to power their digital growth in the region.

The primary consideration for MAC was to increase the online engagement with customers in the region. Insider’s innovative solutions and personalization suite were key to optimizing onsite experiences. The growth consultants at Insider also presented a product roadmap to MAC, which showed crucial strategies around increasing conversions and other key bottom-of-the-funnel metrics. MAC was impressed with the easy-to-use templates, such as coupons and countdown timers, and saw firsthand the ROI from these campaigns on a monthly basis.

MAC preferred Insider for the AI-powered smart recommendations engine and robust web and mobile web push features. They also wanted interactive onsite features such as InStory to help improve the engagement. MAC observed a conversion uplift of 123.8% from InStory campaigns.

Improving new product visibility among users using InStory

MAC Cosmetics wanted to promote new product launches with their customers. They were looking for an exciting and interactive way to showcase these products on the website, to drive engagement and product visibility.

The team at Insider recommended the use of InStory, an interactive story overlay for the top of the homepage that would showcase new products on the homepage. Visitors can engage and interact with these stories, which then take them to a particular product page.

MAC observed a 123.5% uplift in conversions on the homepage as a result of the engagement from InStory campaigns.

Optimizing category navigation on the homepage using Hamburger Menu

MAC wanted to optimize the category navigability on the homepage to improve the user experience and grab the attention of visitors. MAC realized that the ease of finding relevant category pages was not optimal.

The growth consultants at Insider recommended the use of Insider’s onsite experimentation product—Hamburger Menu—a secondary menu overlay that will grab a visitor’s attention and redirect them to relevant category pages with ease. Visitors can access these categories without having to select them from the main drop-down menu.

MAC saw a 4.2% uplift in conversion rate from the engagement on the Hamburger Menu as compared to the control group who did not see this on the homepage.

Improving product comparability among users with last-viewed product recommendations

MAC wanted to help improve product comparability among users to help them compare relevant products based on their current and previous searches. MAC realized this was vital to help users in making their purchasing decisions.

The growth team at Insider recommended adding last-viewed product recommendations on the product pages. Using this, when a user visits a product page, MAC would also be able to show them the previous products they had viewed, helping them compare products more easily and arrive at a purchasing decision sooner.

MAC achieved a conversion rate uplift of 10.7% from the ‘last-viewed products’ campaign as compared to the control group who did not see these recommendations.

Looking Ahead

MAC Cosmetics is currently evaluating Insider’s InStory and Smart Recommender to find ways to close the engagement gap on the website and optimize the user experience for both new and returning visitors.

MAC Cosmetics will also look into creating holistic user journeys that target and engage users across channels through powerful AI-backed segmentation—and will evaluate Architect, Insider’s custom journey builder, to see how key engagement metrics can be optimized.

Always available, always helping us optimize

“No one would have to think twice about choosing Insider. I am completely on board with the idea of Insider, and I have been very intrigued by how Insider functions, how they think—not out of the box, but very far away from the box when it comes to their innovation or their skilled team that have become friends, not just people we work with.”

Gauri Dhoundiyal

eCommerce Executive, MAC Cosmetics

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