How Insider helped Safat Home become a major player in Home & Furniture

Chris Baldwin

Aug 27, 2021

Chris Baldwin

Aug 27, 2021

Kuwait-based Safat Home sells furniture and decorative accessories in-store and online. They provide a wide selection of furniture in many styles, such as traditional Kuwaiti, American, and modern-contemporary. In addition, Safat Home offers a wide array of ornamental accessories, items that their customers can use to make a house a home.

Table of Contents
  1. Recognizing our needs

  2. ECommerce department reaches out to Insider

  3. The transformative power of Insider: Achieving our goals

  4. The advantages of personalization

  5. What Safat Home’s experience has been like with Insider

Recognizing our needs

After establishing our platform and launching their first native application, Safat Home’s needs became apparent. They realized they needed: 

  1. A powerful and dependable email communication platform. 
  2. A push notification platform (for our application). 
  3. Both a desktop and mobile web personalization platform.  

ECommerce department reaches out to Insider

Safat Home’s eCommerce team initially worked with MoEngage and then Bluecore, but neither could resolve the issues they were experiencing. Both continuity and fluidity were lacking. One platform focused exclusively on messaging and communication, while another was focused on website personalization. 

Since Safat Home was launching a native application, they needed to partner with a push notification provider. They had some difficulties with third-party integration solutions in the past, and so they sought a platform that supported push notifications natively. Then, Safat Home began looking for vendors who could help them  answer this challenge. 

Finally, they found Insider—a perfect match for their needs!  

The transformative power of Insider: Achieving our goals

Among our major goals was to uplift conversion rates. Before Insider, Safat Home’s communication platform did not automatically trigger messages. As a result of Insider, they are now sending cart reminders to our customers. So if a customer adds a product to their cart and abandons it, Safat Home can catch them in the same session and convert them. All because of the help of Insider. 

Another focus was to respond and capitalize on AOV. As a result of Insider, Safat Home has implemented a “Recommended Products” section that is dynamically generated on each product page. Insider’s technology makes this possible and does not require any work on Safat Home’s part. As a result, they  were able to recommend products based on their customers’ behavior on the Safat Home website using Insider. This has been huge for business. 

The advantages of personalization

Supportive partnership

Friendly, accessible, and always quick to provide localized support. The integration of the Insider solution happened seamlessly. IT departments from both Safat Home and Insider were more than competent and always on the same page. Within 1 to 2 weeks of signing with Insider, Safat Home launched their first personalized website campaign.

Unmatched tools for personalization

Insider boasts real-time predictive segmentation, powered by AI and machine learning technology. This allowed Safat Home to deliver a personalized experience for their customers across all mediums: email, SMS, app, and more.

Easy to implement. Simple to use. 

Insider’s solution is built on a unified data layer. This means it can capture and collect data from various channels and can do so without bogging businesses down with any complex integration or IT dependency, something Safat Home was desperate to avoid.  

What Safat Home’s experience has been like with Insider

Support: Insider was always there for us

When you work with any solution partner, support is paramount. We rest assured, to this day, that we can quickly connect with Insider should any issues occur. They have always been beside us, whether that’s having weekly operation calls or monthly business reviews. In addition, we have a dedicated operational manager at Insider who can quickly connect with them should the need arise.

Would you refer Insider? 

I would advise anyone seeking marketing solutions to check and compare all the players in the market so they may see for themselves just how dynamic and capable Insider is at solving problems–not just problems, but your company’s specific problems. When we reached out to Insider, they had already developed tailored solutions and a customer base the world over. For any retailer who doesn’t already know about Insider, I urge them to do so soon. Their solutions fit our needs and can do the same for you. 

Perhaps Safat Home’s eCommerce manager, Ozan Hatil, says it best: 

“There is a quote by Klaus Schwab: In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish. So it was important for us that integration was seamless so as not to slow our business down. With Insider, it was seamless.” 

My favorite Insider product is…

It would have to be web personalization. It is fantastic, especially if you consider the headache of trying to achieve something similar with your own IT team; how much time and resources that would require. However, this personalization is immediate with Insider and comes at no additional cost. Even a quick analysis of Safat Home’s ROI reveals the immense impact Insider can have on your business. 

Looking to our future with Insider

As a relatively new player in the market, one capable of becoming a new leader in our region, we are thrilled to be building a relationship with Insider as a critical strategic partner. 

Step by step, we are implementing Insider’s solutions for our website, mobile application, and other communication channels. It began with website personalization, and we are now moving on to email communication. After that, we will be integrating Insider’s application solution. All of us at Safat Home view this as an ongoing and longtime partnership. We are so grateful to have discovered Insider. 

Chris is an award-winning marketing leader with more than 12 years experience in the marketing and customer experience space. As VP of Marketing, Brand and Communications, Chris is responsible for Insider's brand strategy, and overseeing the global marketing team. Fun fact: Chris recently attended a clay-making workshop to make his own coffee cup…let's just say that he shouldn't give up the day job just yet.