Join us to discover how Amway achieved 14.06% AOV in months!

3 Years of Digital Empowerment in a Glance!

Wednesday, November 22 | 1 PM New York | 3 PM Brasilia

3 Years of Digital Empowerment In a Glance!

Wednesday, November 22 | 1 PM New York | 3 PM Brasilia

Ever since 2020, Insider is powering Amway to enhance & personalize website experiences resulting in increased repetitive purchases and improved product discovery: 

In this exclusive workshop with Amway and Insider — we dive into the tactics that Amway used to:

  • Increase AOV
  • Return rate optimization
  •  Increase the product margin
  • Increase personalized recommendation in online store

Join us in this exclusive chat with Emily Maddox (Cosmetics– Global Digital Growth Director) for an inside view on Amway’s secret sauce for customer experiences.

Insider For Beauty Leaders

The ultimate digital growth guide for beauty marketers

14 proven strategies for addressing challenges and KPIs of beauty marketers, including gaining customer attention, guiding potential buyers through product discovery, garnering trust, driving sales, and building sustainable loyalty.

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Insider X Amway

Amway achieves 14.06% AOV in Months!

Amway's marketing team will continue using Insider to improve and optimize key metrics along the funnel such as conversion rate, AOV and reducing bounce rates. The brand will also explore ways to see how they can better leverage existing products to deliver more accurate experiences to their customers.

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Meet The Speaker

Cosmetics – Global Digital Growth Director 

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