Join us to learn how Citroen drive leads and increase conversion by 35% ! 

6 Years of digital empowerment in a Glance!

Wednesday, November 22 | 1 PM New York | 3 PM Brasilia

6 Years of Digital Empowerment In a Glance!

Wednesday, November 22 | 1 PM New York | 3 PM Brasilia

Insider is empowering Citroen to create 1:1 personalized experiences for its users, and engage them with personalized stories, resulting in a conversion rate increase of 35% !

In this exclusive workshop with Citroen and Insider — we dive into the tactics that Citroen used to:

  • Increase test drive applications
  • Increase session per user
  • Optimize CAC
  • Optimize ROAS

Join us in this exclusive chat with Emily Maddox (Automotive – Global Digital Growth Director) for an inside view on Citroen’s secret sauce for customer experiences.

Insider For Automotive Leaders

The ultimate digital growth guide for automotive marketers

The marketing playbook for optimizing customer experiences and conversions across mobile and the web to optimize CAC, ROAS and conversion rate!

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Insider X Citroen

How Insider helps Citroen increases average order value by 35%!

Using Insider's Hello Bar feature, Citroen made offers prominently visible on their website. By placing strategic content at high activity areas, Citroen was able to compel visitors to act and complete forms, resulting in more visits to showrooms.

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Meet The Speaker

Automotive – Global Digital Growth Director 

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© 2022 Powered by Insider. All rights reserved.