The ultimate digital growth guide for automotive marketers

Automotive poses a unique challenge for the digital customer experience because of the significant legacy of the brick and mortar experience, and also because of the lengthy purchase cycle. Meanwhile, customers expect to be able to research and discover cars digitally, just like they do with other purchases.

This eBook is structured around five big challenges automotive marketers face and proven ways to overcome them:

Chapter 1

Increasing test drive bookings

Chapter 2

The long purchase cycle

Chapter 3

High acquisition costs

Chapter 4

Anonymous users

Chapter 5 

Lost servicing revenue

By taking matters into your own hands and tackling these issues with creative solutions, you can improve your key metrics, including:

  • Converting from online to face-to-face
  • Lead generation
  • Reducing customer acquisition cost
  • Product discovery
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)