Automotive Digital Marketing Guide 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended routines across all industries in the blink of an eye, affecting everything from how people shop to where people work. The automotive industry has also changed following new norms of our society. 

The shock to the system caused by the pandemic in early 2020 spurred a societal shift to online shopping to avoid the health risk of in-person experiences at all costs. Where buying a car had once been a fully face-to-face process, business suddenly moved from dealerships and car lots to digital interfaces and virtual showrooms.

Given these changes, what’s the state of automotive sales today, and how can you change your business to reflect the changing needs of your customers? Find out the current top trends in the industry, the pressing challenges automotive marketers are experiencing, strategies to overcome them, and metrics that matter when determining marketing success in Insider’s Automotive Industry: Digital Marketing Guide 2022.