MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28 | 1 PM London (UK)

Join Us to Learn how Peugeot increased their Test Drive applications by 120%

5 Years of Partnership at a Glance!

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28 | 1 PM London (UK)


Insider helped Peugeot to build personalized customer journeys with an exit intent technology in order to generate leads delivered quick and effective results. Within the first 20 days, the number of test drive form fills increased dramatically and Peugeot saw a 120% uplift on average. In total, through Insider’s lead generation, Peugeot was able to sell 11 cars during the campaign life frame. 

In this exclusive workshop with Peugeot and Insider — we dive into the tactics that Peugeot used to:

  • Shorten the car buying cycle with 1:1 lead nurturing
  • Increase test drive applications and qualified leads
  • Improve customer segmentation
  • Boost upsell and cross-sell


Join us in this exclusive chat with Disney Yapa (Automotive- Global Digital Growth Director) for an inside view on Peugeot’s secret sauce for customer experiences.

How Peugeot achieved an increase of 24% in ROI
Apart from increasing test drive applications, Insider helps us communicate with our visitors more effectively through every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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Peugeot achieved an 18% CR Uplift in Lead Collection

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Automotive – Global Digital Growth Director 

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© 2022 Powered by Insider. All rights reserved.