E-Growth Practices for Under Armour

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Memorable personalized experiences drive conversions and boost customer lifetime value. Turn casual browsers into loyal customers with compelling cross-channel customer journeys across your digital channels. 

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Increase product discoverability and minimize mobile bounce rate with InStory

Attention spans are short. With InStory, you can capture your visitors’ imagination. Customize each full-screen story based on purchase history, real-time behavior, and predicted actions to reduce mobile bounce rates and help users find what they’re looking for.

Catalyze conversion rates with dynamic content for returning visitors

With Insider s banner management solution, you can bridge the impersonal experience gap and do more than shuffle one or two variations of your banners. You can showcase content and products tailored to an individual s size, color, and style preferences, or even local weather.

Up-sell and cross-sell at every stage of the customer journey to boost AOV and lifetime value

Enhance a customer s post-purchase journey and maximise lifetime value (LTV) with product recommendations tailored to their interests or cross-sell new categories, announce new collections, and even send product replenishment reminders

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New Balance uplifts conversion rate by 556%

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Reactivate your silent customers via the most effective channels to tackle churn

Insider’s machine learning engine recognizes the distinct behavioral patterns of your customers and detects when a customer is likely to churn—before it’s too late to do something about it.

Improving product discovery using AI backed Smart Recommender.

Utilize the AI-backed Smart Recommendation algorithm to display relevant product recommendations to users across all pages to aid in boosting product discovery, add-to-carts, and conversion rates.

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