Cyber Monday Marketing: How to drive engagement, sales and loyalty

Christopher Lowe

Aug 9, 2022

Most can agree that the holiday traditions in the fall time are the best – turkeys, pumpkin spice flavor, apple picking, and sales. 

Just about everyone loves the autumn holidays, including retailers. One of the best opportunities for marketing and sales in the year, it’s important to make the most of it. Here are some of the best tips to increase engagement, loyalty, and sales this coming Cyber Monday.

Table of Contents
  1. Looking back to Cyber Monday 2021

  2. Problem #1: Increasing engagement through personalized banners

  3. Problem #2: Speeding up the path to purchase.

  4. Problem #3: Nudging shoppers to spend more

  5. Problem #4: Improving conversions across channels

  6. Problem #5: One-time customers

  7. Problem #6: Not knowing your potential customers

  8. Problem #7: Keeping the momentum

  9. Our Cyber Monday Mantra

Looking back to Cyber Monday 2021

Statistics show that US retailers raked in $62 billion in just online sales during Cyber Week 2021. 

Consumers spent $10.7 billion on Cyber Monday alone, down by 1.4% compared to 2020. However, it was also found that the AOV (Average Order Value) increased by 13.9% on Cyber Monday, indicating the purchase of big-ticket items. 

Mobile shopping was also up by 8.4% compared to 2020. 

But these are just statistics. What do they mean for your holiday sales strategy in 2022? Let’s discuss some of the ways marketers can grab shoppers’ attention, increase sales and motivate customers to return. 

Problem #1: Increasing engagement through personalized banners

Customers looking for a specific product may feel overwhelmed, especially if they are juggling through 4-5 different pages at a time. Don’t let your shoppers get distracted by too many options like streaming service alternatives when they just want a new phone. 

The frustration of too much choice can decrease their motivation to buy your products and reduce return visits to your website for future purchases. How can you make sure each customer is seeing what they want?

Solution: Banner management

Banner management is an AI-backed technology that optimizes your website layout in real-time with information from the user’s purchase and search history. Showing the customer what they want to see, such as the new phone models instead of streaming services, will decrease confusion and make online shopping easier for the user. In turn, this will increase customer engagement and click-through rates, and convert into sales. 

Problem #2: Speeding up the path to purchase. 

Customers often browse through a website, put things into their cart, and abandon their cart at the last second. Too many alternatives in front of the BUY button allow the customer time for second thoughts, resulting in abandoned carts and decreased sales. 

Solution: Personalized discount messages

Personalized discount messages with an irresistible design will attract customer attention and create a sense of urgency. Our AI-backed technology identifies customers with high discount affinity and targets these messages towards them, making them more likely to purchase the item they are considering. 

Integrating a simple solution like this could increase your sales by gently pushing the customers into completing their purchases.

Problem #3: Nudging shoppers to spend more

Getting holiday gifts is much more than a shopping spree for most. They have allocated budgets, gift guides, and special deals they are chasing. When shoppers are frugal-minded, how can we motivate them to go beyond their list and buy more products? 

Solution: Progress Bars for your Cyber Monday marketing campaign

Progress bars that lead to rewards like free gifts or free shipping are a great way to incentivize customers to increase their average order value. This is one of the easiest uses of gamification because a free reward is a perfect excuse for the shopper to abandon their list and indulge in that extra item. 

Problem #4: Improving conversions across channels

People want to know more about the products and services they are purchasing, especially if they are unfamiliar with the subject. They scour reviews and look for recommendations from other users. They get a certain amount of comfort from knowing that others have also purchased a product they are eyeing and reading their reviews of the same. 

Solution: Incorporating social proof

Incorporating social proof, reviews, or reporting how many people are looking at the product right now can influence people into buying your product. Social indicators prove the success and popularity of your product while also creating a sense of urgency by hinting that your product might run out. 

In addition, decreasing the number of steps to learn more about the product results in a more positive experience. Social cues make the online shopping experience easier for the customer, which results in higher conversion rates. 

Problem #5: One-time customers

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to highlight your brand and gain new customers, but without sustained engagement, you will soon be forgotten. What can you do to build long-lasting relationships with your customers?

Solution: Smart outreach and follow-ups for your Cyber Monday marketing campaign

Insider’s customer journey tool, Architect, enables marketers to send out personalized reminders about their upcoming flash sales, deals, and more. Architect uses AI to gain insight into a consumer’s interests and activities, their preferred messaging channel, and times they are likely to be active. This gives marketers the perfect opportunity to say “I’m here” when customers are paying the most attention and draw the new customer back to their landing page, and products.

Problem #6: Not knowing your potential customers

With the newest technologies available, it’s possible to know a lot about potential customers: what they are looking for, how they navigate through an online store, and even their search and purchasing history. But it’s harder to find out the most valuable detail: how to reach them… What can you do to get the contact information of new shoppers and turn them into return customers?

Solution: Spin to Win

Spin to Win is an appealing game that has high engagement. By entering contact information, the user can spin the wheel for a chance to win a prize. This results in a new lead about a potential customer to reach out to in the future. 

But it doesn’t stop there. If a customer wins a discount or a free gift, they will be motivated to buy something, even if that wasn’t their intention when they clicked on the website. So, not only does Spin to Win generate leads for email lists, but it can also help increase the customer’s average order value. 

Problem #7: Keeping the momentum

There’s no doubt that the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for online retailers. Due to this, the period after the holidays is often neglected with decreased advertising and outreach efforts. However, keeping momentum is especially important during these low times, which can be achieved with a simple solution.

Solution: Price change and restock alerts for your Cyber Monday marketing campaign

Price changes and restocking are very common after the holidays. By notifying the shoppers that an item is back in stock, you can help bring them back to your online store after the holiday season and continue the shopping spree. The same goes for price changes. Alerting the customers to price changes in the items they were looking at gives them a reason to hop back on the website. 

Our Cyber Monday Marketing Mantra

There are so many ways to improve your Cyber Monday presence and convert this presence into success. When in doubt, remember these three simple rules: 

Be alert, keep track of trends and statistics.

Be smart, analyze what is working and what isn’t. 

Be fast, adapt to change, especially during the holiday season.

Now you have all the marketing strategies you need to take over Cyber Week 2022. Go and grow your online presence, increase your sales, strengthen your customer relationships and keep the momentum going on your big day. 

Get in touch to learn more. 

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