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How Virgin Megastore achieved a 350% increase in CVR with Insider’s personalization suite

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“Insider is an all-in-one marketing platform that gives us access to the latest technologies. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to create impactful customer experiences.”

Ecommerce Manager

Executive summary

Virgin Megastore sought a solution to consolidate its online and offline customer data for a seamless brand experience. Insider’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) integrated disparate data sources into a unified view, enabling Virgin Megastore to understand individual customer preferences comprehensively. With actionable data at its fingertips, Virgin Megastore achieved a 350% increase in CVR through personalized Web Push notifications. Additionally, Social Proof, which showcased real-time behavioral data of website visitors, drove a 15.3% increase in CVR.

About Virgin

Virgin Megastore, a global entertainment brand, is the leading retail destination in the MENA and North Africa region, with 41 stores in 9 markets. Since its inception, Virgin Megastore has aimed to expand its product offerings to meet the region’s growing trends and expectations. With its unique shopping experience, it caters to trendsetters and technophiles.

Why Insider?

Designing and delivering a unique and constantly evolving omnichannel shopping experience for customers is challenging for retailers. Brands must meticulously manage the performance of physical and online stores, plus a range of value-driven supporting channels and services to deliver a brand experience that consistently surprises and delights an increasingly diverse customer base. Insider’s platform allowed Virgin Megastore to unify its online and offline data and then leverage it to deliver personalized messages across 12+ channels—an advanced level of native channel support not offered by any other vendor.


Gaining a 360-degree customer view with Insider’s actionable Customer Data Platform

The challenge

Virgin wanted to deliver a consistent brand experience across all channels and was looking for a tech partner that could unify both its online and offline data into a single platform. Virgin Megastore needed an actionable CDP; one that could not only unify its customer data but activate that data to drive results.

The solution

Insider’s industry-leading Customer Data Platform is just what Virgin Megastore needed. By integrating offline data with online data, it could gain a 360-degree view of every single customer to better understand their specific wants, needs, and preferences. Moreover, Insider unified all of this data into a single and easy-to-use interface, making customer data more actionable than ever before.

The results


conversation rate via coupon codes


now easily actionable


Using personalized Web Push notifications to increase CVR by 350%

The challenge

With data now unified into a single platform, Virgin Megastore was looking for ways to improve its key metrics and drive better results on its website. It wanted to use the data it had collected to deliver personalized experiences for each customer that would engage them and encourage them to convert.

The solution

Insider’s Web Push capability allowed Virgin Megastore to engage its audience with consistent, timely, and relevant messaging. With 120+ ready-made attributes to segment users (including traits, behaviors, preferences, and more), Insider empowered Virgin Megastore’s marketing team to quickly build and launch new, expertly segmented Web Push campaigns to highly targeted audiences.

“Insider has enabled us to implement ideas quickly and effectively which is essential to our promise of delivering an interactive and responsive brand experience. Also, in the past 10 months we’ve worked with Insider, we’ve always been able to reach out to them and communicate to resolve any issues that we come across.”

Ecommerce Manager

The results


increase in CVR via Web Push


Driving purchase decisions with Social Proof to increase CVR by 15.3%

The challenge

Virgin Megastore wanted to reduce the number of people who frequently visited product detail pages but didn’t add items to their cart. They needed a solution to motivate these hesitant shoppers to make a purchase, rather than click off the site.

The solution

Insider recommended using Social Proof, a conversion-boosting feature that displays real-time behavioral data from other customers on product detail pages. Social Proof highlights how many people have specific items in their basket, are looking at an item, or have previously purchased. This strategy helped emphasize the popularity of products, encouraging potential buyers to purchase based on the influence of the crowd.

The results


increase in CVR via Social Proof


Using Smart Surveys to improve the online experience and decrease bounce rates

The challenge

Virgin Megastore wanted to further improve its online customer experience and was looking for a quick and easy way to collect user feedback. The brand wanted to use this data to optimize the site and deliver stronger results.

The solution

Insider’s Smart Survey capability proved a valuable tool for Virgin Megastore to gain quick insights into online customer behavior. The brand used one of Insider’s ready-made and expert-approved survey templates to launch a pop-up survey on-site in minutes, encouraging customers to share their opinions on the user experience. Virgin Megastore then used this information to improve areas of the site in line with user feedback.

The results


in bounce rate


in engagement rate


Since partnering with Insider, Virgin Megastore has been delighted to see its CVR soar to 350% thanks to a strategic Web Push strategy. The brand can now target customers with relevant messaging across 12+ channels which has hugely improved customer engagement and loyalty.

Looking ahead

Following the success of its partnership with Insider, Virgin Megastore is keen to explore emerging new channels to boost engagement and communication with its customers within the Insider platform. The team is exploring how to use Insider’s AI-predictive segments to predict customer behavior to tailor every touch point, based on predicted intent in real-time.

Favorite feature

Web Push

Virgin Megastore's favorite Insider feature is Web Push which has enabled the brand to increase CVR by 350% thanks to timely, personalized messages.

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