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How Spotlight Retail Group achieved 37X ROI with Insider’s personalization platform

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Smart Recommender

Interest Clustering

Insider’s willingness to run a Proof of Concept and back their claims set them apart. The platform’s scalability, ease of use, and potential for personalized experiences were crucial in our decision.”

Group GM of Digital and Omnichannel

Executive summary

Spotlight Retail Group (SRG) partnered with Insider to build seamless cross-channel experiences as unique as each customer. By leveraging Insider’s platform, the brand achieved a staggering 37X ROI, transforming its CRO efforts and delivering personalized, value-driven experiences to customers.

About SRG

Founded in Australia, SRG is a multinational corporation with chains across multiple retail categories. Established in 1973, the brand’s 50-year legacy has always prioritized delivering exceptional value and unique experiences to customers. Insider has partnered with the SRG team on this journey for the past 12 months.


Transforming customer engagement with Insider’s personalization suite

The challenge

SRG’s international presence meant that providing unique and personalized experiences for its diverse customer base was tricky. The team lacked differentiation across brands, countries, and products, which was hindering its customer engagement significantly and impacting sales growth. The brand wanted to focus its efforts on personalizing its website and mobile app, but was unsure where to start.

The solution

Insider recommended several of its industry-leading solutions to to support SRG’s goals of driving conversions and boosting customer engagement. The SRG team worked with Insider to implement Insider’s  Web Suite and AI-powered Smart Recommender tool for onsite personalization.

By leveraging Insider’s predictive audience tool, SRG closely tracked and analyzed each visitor’s discount affinity, conversion potential, purchasing patterns, lifecycle stage, brand interactions, and more to fuel highly-targeted personalization efforts. The team also adopted Web Push to send out notifications to users, even when they weren’t actively on the website, ensuring that personalized, data-driven product recommendations reached users wherever they were in the world. The result was a huge 37X ROI for every dollar invested in its Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) program.

Insider’s platform drove a 37x ROI for us, revolutionizing our CRO efforts and elevating our customer engagement.” 

Group GM of Digital and Omnichannel

The results


in less than a year

Reducing campaign launch time by 80% with Insider’s unified dashboard

The challenge

SRG was facing a common issue of busy marketers: how to get campaigns up and running quickly, without heavy reliance on the IT team. Its current process with another vendor took a lengthy 30 days from ideation to launch, and the slow pace made it difficult to react to real-time changes and trends in the market. The team needed a solution to decrease launch times and offer a reactive, dynamic solution for launching customer journeys.

The solution

Insider’s platform offered the quickest time to value on the market, and SRG soon discovered why. The intuitive interface within one dashboard enabled international marketing teams to manage and launch personalization campaigns within just six days, an incredible 80% reduction from the original launch times. 

With real-time data and analytics, the team could quickly adapt and edit campaigns to reflect customer behaviors and trends in the market. No longer tied to tech support, the marketing team could allocate more time to improving AOV and CVR and developing their customer experience strategies.

“Insider’s platform has revolutionized our campaign execution efficiency. What once took 30 days now takes only 6 days, empowering us to stay ahead in a dynamic market.”

Group GM of Digital and Omnichannel

The results


reduction in campaign

launch time


Insider’s influence on SRG has exceeded even the corporation’s expectations. Not only has the brand witnessed a huge 37X ROI in less than a year thanks to the power of personalization, but the reduction in campaign launch time has subsequently enhanced operational efficiency for the organization, too. 

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, SRG aims to extend its personalization experiences beyond Web and Mobile, to tap into Insider’s 12+ channels and countless APIs. The goal is to continue providing exceptional global experiences beyond just products and prices. As the world’s largest messaging app, WhatsApp Commerce is a solution the group is looking into to increase product discovery across its vast catalog and boost customer loyalty with two-way messaging.

Favorite feature

Web Push

Our favorite feature is Web Push – the ability to reach customers no matter where they are online has been a huge contributor to our ROI. The ability to create relevant, personalized notifications has elevated our customer engagement and we’re now looking at launching more personalized channels including mobile and SMS.

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