Royal Selangor achieves a massive 93% boost in conversion rates with social proof


uplift in conversion rates


increase in conversion rates


uplift in conversion rates

About Royal Selangor

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Royal Selangor is one of the world’s largest pewter manufacturers and retailers. The company offers a wide range of tableware accessories and gift items comprising wine accessories, desk accessories, photo frames, and other decorative products. With over 40 retail outlets worldwide, the company exports its products to more than 20 countries, including London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Royal Selangor products can be found in top-rated department stores such as Wako in Japan, Harrods in London, and Hudson Bay in Toronto.

Converting Visitors into Customers by Showcasing the Trending Products with Social Proof

Royal Selangor wanted to boost website conversions and drive purchases by displaying their most popular products to customers. They were looking for an exciting way to drive engagement and influence the purchase decisions of buyers.

After understanding the challenge, the Insider team proposed using Social Proof, a powerful conversion driver that taps into customer psychology, creates FOMO, and develops a sense of urgency to encourage users to make a purchase. By enabling this feature, online retailers can showcase products that others have viewed, purchased, and reviewed. It’s a proven fact: when a purchase decision is validated by others, it goes a long way in influencing customers.

In just a month of running the Social Proof campaign on their product pages, Royal Selangor observed a spike in conversion rates and a 10.48% uplift in conversion rates.

Reducing Drop-offs by Improving the User Experience for Mobile Users

Royal Selangor experienced high drop-off rates in the purchase funnel of their mobile web users. While certain products received more views, the click-through rate didn't improve. The company concluded that the differing screen sizes for mobile users and web users made their purchase actions vary. To overcome this challenge, they wanted a solution that improved the CTR for mobile users.

Insider suggested changing the color of the “Add to Cart” button to green as it makes the call-to-action stand out from the rest of the page.

In 2-3 months, this onsite experimentation significantly improved their click-through rate and increased conversion rates by 93%.

Delivering Great Mobile User Experience to Improve Conversions

The decor segment company offers an extensive range of products, making it difficult to introduce customers to relevant products, especially on mobile devices. To improve the overall user experience for customers browsing on mobiles, Royal Selangor wanted a solution that changed the way products are viewed on small screens.

The team at Insider recommended Royal Selangor alter the product page to the expanded view. This feature enables customers to read a short product description along with other product details. The objective was to provide users complete clarity on the product’s details.

By revamping the category product listing page for mobile users, Royal Selangor observed a whopping 70.85% uplift in conversion rates.

Looking Ahead

Going forward, the pewter manufacturer and retailer will work closely with the Insider team
to implement AI-powered technologies to create exceptional experiences and drive
re-engagement with personalization to increase sales.

Royal Selangor also intends to explore Insider’s WhatsApp for Business and Email marketing strategy to reach hundreds and thousands of new customers. This will help the brand to build and grow its subscriber base significantly, show personalized content to each customer, improve conversion rate, and drive revenue.

“With ever-changing customer demands, we needed a flexible platform that could help us re-engage our inactive users and provide a better user experience. That's when Insider stepped in and suggested we leverage their innovative tools and amazing features like Web Push, Social Proof, etc. Their recommendation to implement a Social Proof strategy was a fantastic idea that significantly increased our conversion rates and overall revenue."

Mavis Michele Meta

Senior eCommerce Manager

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