Omnichannel customer journeys help Remix achieve 22.23% higher conversions


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About Remix is one of the leading online stores for second-hand and outlet fashion in Europe. They offer high-quality branded clothing and accessories in 9 countries – Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary. A team of over 600 people with a logistics center in Sofia, Bulgaria takes care of the diverse product selection, accurate description of each item, and fast delivery to customers.

Everyday Remix adds over 15,000 products to an assortment of over 100,000, divided into 6 main categories – women, men, children, bags, shoes, and accessories. Shopping at Remix is ​​like a game – product prices are constantly changing and falling unexpectedly.

In addition to buying from Remix, customers can also send their reserved clothes and accessories to for sale through the “Sell to Remix” service.

Guided user journey after new user registration to encourage first purchases

Users had an interest in Remix and registered with the brand, but often, they were not making a purchase after the initial registration. Remix wanted to change this and turn these registered users into purchasing customers.

Insider and Remix, together, built an email onboarding plan based on user behavior. After one week of registering, if a purchase was not made, Remix sent an email prompting the user to save their preferred search filters. A second email was sent after a few more days, informing users about how to mark a brand as a favorite, with a list of brands available on the website. A third, final email followed later with ways to combine orders and save money on shipping.

As a result of the guided journey, first purchases were increased by 104% compared to the previous quarter.

Improving user onboarding and driving repeated purchases with omnichannel experiences

User onboarding for Remix is harder than for most other brands owing to the fact that they sell second-hand products, for which the market is a lot smaller. In this small market, driving repeated purchases is even harder, and this is precisely what Remix aimed to improve and change.

Insider’s team helped Remix carefully orchestrate omnichannel customer journeys using Architect, with separate coupon tiers used for more than 50 unique customer journeys across multiple channels like web push, email, and onsite. The discount coupons encouraged shoppers to complete their second and third purchases.

Looking Ahead

Remix has been using Insider’s full suite of products already, with the only exception being the mobile app. This, too, is going to be implemented soon in the coming months, and Remix looks at having a full-fledged Insider solution to deliver omnichannel experiences for their customers and fuel their marketing growth.

“The team at Insider has cooperated with us enthusiastically throughout, and their proactiveness really sets the golden standard for customer support. With full flexibility, Insider has helped us implement their suite of products to custom-suit our specifications and requirements. The team leaves no stone unturned in meeting our needs and helping us achieve our goals.”

Trayan Petkov

Head of Growth, Remix

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