Nissan India achieved a 21% conversion rate using Insider’s custom segmentation capabilities

About Nissan India

Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd (NMIPL) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd Japan. Founded in 2005, the company produces innovative and exciting products for the hatchback, MUV, SUV, and sedan markets in India. Nissan and Datsun are among their brands. Nissan and its global alliance partner Renault signed a memorandum of understanding in February 2008 to set up a manufacturing plant in Oragadam, near Chennai, with an investment of 45 billion INR over seven years. The Renault-Nissan alliance plant was inaugurated in a record time of 21 months after its groundbreaking ceremony in June 2008.

Improving lead-submission for test drives using lead collection overlays

Nissan India realized that even though their website visitors were growing, a significant portion of their visitors would leave before booking a test drive. The brand wanted a tool that could optimize the journey and motivate users to sign-up for a test drive.

Insider’s solution to the challenge was to implement lead-collection exit-intent overlays. When visitors who came to research their car models showed signs of leaving the website, the exit-intent overlay would prompt them to consider signing up for a test drive.

Nissan India was able to considerably improve the visitor drop-off rate — Nissan saw a 15% conversion rate for website visitors who viewed the lead-collection (exit-intent) overlay.

Delivering focused campaigns across demographic segments using custom segmentation

Datsun India (Nissan-owned auto brand) wanted to promote their offers by segmenting them for different cities and regions of India. The challenge was to drive focused campaigns across the large demographic landscape of India

The growth consultants at Insider suggested using Insider’s custom segmentation capabilities to accurately target customers across different states and cities in India. The powerful AI-powered segmentation can identify unique micro-segments and target them effectively.

Datsun India observed a 21% conversion rate from these targeted campaigns with highly relevant offers.

Increasing onsite customer engagement during the pandemic with the help of journey orchestration

Nissan India wanted their website visitors to engage with ceratin CTAs such as Build & Price, Book a Test Drive, Virtual Showroom etc. They were looking for a tool that could map out unique customer journeys to facilitate this engagement.

The team at Insider recommended the use of Architect, an AI-powered customer journey orchestration tool, to engage users on the pages where they were most likely to browse and on pages where they were most likely to take action. The journeys were segmented for users who visited two of Nissan’s popular vehicles —Kicks and Magnite. These journeys were also subjected to A/B testing to identify the most successful ones.

By combining Architect and A/B testing Nissan India was able to identify the most successful journeys and direct these users to the appropriate landing page based on their online/offline affinity. Online audiences were taken to a ‘Request a Call Back’ section.

Nissan also achieved 8% of page visitors for Kicks and Magnite through this strategy.

Looking Ahead

Nissan India is planning on expanding the scope of Insider such that their existing CRM solution will be replaced entirely by Insider. The company is also planning to integrate their after-sales and ownership journeys on the platform. Nissan India’s relationship with Insider is growing stronger and stronger, and they expect it will continue to grow as it is based on mutual commitment.

“It was one of the most professional teams I have worked with. It is no secret that I have worked with all the big solution providers, but the kind of attention to detail that the Insider team brings to the table is amazing, not just with respect to the technical know-how but also in terms of managing the overall milestones. In fact, the integration process took less time than expected. ”

Punit Banga

General Manager, Customer Experience and Analytics

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