120% Uplift with Test Drive Exit Intent Notifications on Car Detail Pages



European automotive manufacturer, PSA Group, Peugeot is one of the biggest and oldest automotive companies in the world. The PSA Group sold 3 million vehicles in 2016. Innovation, design, and brand reputation lies behind Peugeot’s success and they distinguish the company from its competitors. Additionally, its strategy based on innovation, design, and technology provide high-profit rate for the company. Today, Peugeot is the second largest manufacturer in Europe.

The State of the Car Industry and How Peugeot Dealt with It

Since purchasing an automotive vehicle is the second most expensive purchase for most people after purchasing a house, average research timespan would take months. According to Luth Research on auto industry, on average, there are over 900 interactions happening before the purchase and 75% of the interactions are through digital channels.

Even though research shows that as the automotive buying process shifts online, the lead generation to convert online visitors to test drive remains a crucial step in the buying process. Automotive Shopper Part to Purchase by Millward Brown and Digital Polk acknowledges that 35% of online/mobile visitors who used their devices to research about options located or called car dealerships during this process.

Lead Generation Through Exit Intent Notifications

PSA team believed that if they could micro segment visitors and offer them personalized test drive sign up forms regarding the cars they are interested in just before they left the site, they would increase the number of quality leads.

Running on Insider’s exit intent technology, micro-segments of website visitors were notified by customized messages on each car’s product page based on their preferences, when they showed exit intent on the site. Visitors were notified with current promotional campaigns or with a signup form to book a test drive.


Uplift in the test drive applications


Personalized customer journey with an exit intent technology in order to generate leads delivered quick and effective results. Within the first 20 days, the number of test drive form fills increased dramatically and Peugeot saw a 120% uplift on average. In total, through Insider’s lead generation, Peugeot was able to sell 11 cars during the campaign life frame.

“Being able to deliver personalized content during the pre-purchase process was crucial for Peugeot. That’s where Insider came in. Using their advanced technologies we were able to improve  the efficiency and effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts while enhancing customer experiences.”

Baris Yuceokur
Digital Marketing Supervisor