How Hyundai Improved Lead Generation for Test Drives



Hyundai is South Korea’s largest car manufacturer, as well as the third largest car manufacturing brand in the world. You can find a Hyundai car across 193 countries, in 5,000+ dealerships and showrooms.

Did you know? Hyundai is the first car manufacturer globally to offer 10-year/100,000-mile warranty, the most substantial coverage any automaker had offered up to that point in time.

Improving Lead Generation

Hyundai’s team was looking to improve the number of test drive requests that were made online. They noticed that a lot of visitors were leaving car detail pages without taking action — signing up for a test drive. In the automotive industry, test drives are crucial to generate sales. Therefore, an improvement in test drive lead generation would directly impact the bottom line. The brand decided to work with Insider to increase test drive applications from their website.

Using Personalized Overlays to Encourage Test Drive Applications

Hyundai targeted 50% of their website users, and designed a lead generation scenario using Insider.

The team at Hyundai worked with their growth consultants and account managers at Insider, to build lead generation overlays that got triggered based on user-behavior.

There were two kinds of overlays that were deployed on Hyundai’s desktop website:

1. A triggered overlay message was shown on car detail pages and encouraged users to sign-up for a test drive via a redirection.

2. An exit intent overlay was shown to collect leads and allowed interested parties to receive a call back from Hyundai.


Lead Generation Uplift

86% Uplift in Lead Generation

The triggered overlay scenario saw an uplift of 13.2% in lead generation. On the other hand, the exit intent with callback assistance generated a 86% uplift in lead generation.

“Insider went the extra mile to make sure we were able to improve our lead-gen numbers as generating test drives are at the core of our digital marketing strategy. Our account managers were quite knowledgeable about the best practices for the automotive industry, which helped us execute impactful scenarios, speedily. We loved using their exit intent overlays and got results that exceeded our expectations.”

Hazal Tikir
Marketing Communication & Brand Specialist