Krack recovers 22% abandoned purchases

Discover how Krack recovers 22% abandoned purchases using Insider’s AI-backed cart abandonment solutions by implemented floating cart on their website to show visitors the total number of items in their cart and the total amount being spent.


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About Krack

Founded in 1990, Krack is a multi-brand shoe store operated by Krack Zapaterías. The company offers a wide range of best quality footwear for women, men, and children. Staying committed to offering the best quality footwear to people across Spain and neighboring European countries including France, Germany, and Portugal, the company has an extensive footwear collection from prestigious brands like Converse, Ugg, Dr. Martens, Timberland, New Balance, Panama Jack, Vans, Victoria, Pablosky, Biomechanics and many others.

Improved product discovery using InStory by Insider

Krack wanted to improve product discovery on its website to grab visitors’ attention and redirect them to the relevant product, brand, or category pages.

Insider's team recommended the use of InStory which allowed visitors to engage with the stories and interact with Krack.

Such recommendations to visitors across all pages improved product discovery and Krack was able to generate a ROI of 9.26. Krack increased product discovery drastically, resulting in people who were exposed to InStories buying 25% more than users who did not.

Implemented a floating cart to improve cart recovery and encourage purchase

Like any online seller, Krack was facing the issue of cart abandonment. The company wanted to find a way to remind users about the products they have added to their cart, convert them, and make them buy those products.

Krack implemented Insider’s floating cart on their website to show visitors the total number of items in their cart and the total amount being spent. This implementation increased the number of visits to the cart page and influenced the purchase decision of the website visitors.

Using Cart Abandonment Tactics powered by Insider, Krack were able to recover 22% more abandoned purchases.

Made product recommendations more relevant using Smart Recommender

Having an extensive range of footwear products, Krack wanted to make product recommendations convenient and seamless.

Insider's team advised Krack to integrate their website with an AI-powered Smart Recommendation tool to showcase the right products to the right visitors across all website pages.

The implementation of over 50 Smart Recommenders with more than 7 algorithms allowed Krack to keep website visitors engaged for a longer duration, prevent churn, and convert them into paying customers.

Putting Insider’s AI tech and Recommendation into use, Visitors exposed to smart recommendations purchased 29% more products.

Looking Ahead

Krack aims to further improve the conversion rates and craft personalized user experiences across desktop and mobile websites to enable users to find the product in just one click.

The company also wants to test and evaluate Insider’s different customization scenarios and leverage the most successful ones in the next campaigns and furthermore explore data integration across channels to be able to then bring omnichannel strategy to life with 360 profiling and activation of customers.

“We were delighted to discover the possibilities of Insider’s Growth Management Platform. Their product offerings made it simple for us to customize navigation on our website and drive amazing results. The platform also enabled us to timely and quickly track the performance and progress of our business. On top of that, the Account Management team at Insider worked closely with us as our team, understood our growth goals, and supported us at every stage, from integration and implementation to performance monitoring every week. Undoubtedly, Insider has been a true business partner for us as it helped us grow our key metrics, including conversion rates and incremental revenue.”

Natalia Magán

E-Commerce Manager at Krack

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