Nayomi increases average order value and conversion rates with onsite optimization

We've been using Insider for about a year with seven of our brands. Insider’s growth consultants give us invaluable technical expertise to grow quickly.


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About KOJ

KOJ is a multichannel retailer with a mix of franchise and private label brands. The company has built successful private labels, including Nayomi, Mikyaji, and Mihyar, the GCC’s leading label brands. KOJ has over 650 stores, primarily in Saudi Arabia, with a presence across the entire Gulf and Morocco. Its largest brand, Nayomi, is among the global top five lingerie brands—and the largest lingerie brand in the Middle East. Nayomi is a private label brand KOJ developed from scratch successfully and built exceptional customer loyalty.

Engaging users through offers and best selling products notifications

Nayomi wanted to design the perfect customer experience—this involved notifying users about new offers and best-selling products to optimize onsite engagement.

Insider worked with Nayom to understand their goals and recommended an “onsite–experimentation–product”—a widget for recently viewed items to promote product discovery and help users make decisions faster.

Using Insider’s recently viewed items widget, Nayomi saw a 16.54% uplift in AOV, and a conversion rate increase of 54.93% with an incremental revenue of AED 37,671.

Optimize the onsite navigation for a smoother buyer’s journey

A navigation bar with multiple filters and options is ideal for product discovery but can deter users from completing their purchase. Nayomi needed a way to make their purchase journey more straightforward and minimize distractions.

Insider recommended running an A/B test hiding the navigation bar for users who have more than 400AED in cart value. Removing the navigation bar’s distractions would encourage the users in the variable group to singularly focus on the checkout process.

Nayomi observed a 15.80% increase in their CR and a 2.19% uplift in AOV for an incremental revenue of AED49,990.

Looking Ahead

Soon, Nayomi will explore Insider’s journey orchestration tool, Architect, to bring personalized multichannel customer journeys into their marketing mix. Nayomi also hopes to enhance their onsite experience with automated web push and predictive segments to deliver truly individualized experiences to each customer. 

“We at KOJ are a multichannel retailer, and being a multichannel retailer, we had to make sure that we had an amazing marketing stack targeting our customers online and offline. We have been using Insider for about a year with seven of our brands. Insider’s growth consultants continue to give us invaluable technical support and expertise to grow the brands we onboard quickly. It’s been a fruitful relationship. We’re actively looking to expand our partnership to realize even more ROI and value.”

Osman Jamjoom

Head of Omnichannel

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