Build and bridge your journeys through Web Push, Email and Facebook Ads

Build hyper-personalized and relevant customer communication across all your touchpoints. Reach out to your customers on the right channel and at the right time.

Trigger a journey on every imaginable user behavior

Capture every action and behavior of your user and use it to build journeys. Trigger journeys when users abandon carts for eCommerce, leave unfinished itineraries for Travel, browse cars for Auto and much more.

Target users based on their predicted behavior

Leverage our ready-to-use predictive segments in real-time to tailor journeys based on the predicted intent of your users. Offer aggressive discounts/offers to users who are likely to churn or upsell products to highly likely to purchase segments. Focus.

Deep dive and measure the performance of every step in your journey

Understand how every single message in the journey is working and where your users exit or lose interest.Use these insights to constantly tailor and optimize your journeys and messaging.

Kickstart your journeys with proven templates for marketing

We have created the most common journeys that marketers need in the form of ready to use templates. Just drag them on your canvas and configure to get started in minutes.