Ingatlan drives 6X more ROI with personalized customer journeys

About Ingatlan

Ingatlan began as a garage start-up in 1997. Over the years, the Hungary-based online real estate has grown into a market leader in selling and renting properties. By 2007, Ingatlan had more than a thousand partners. Ingatlan has grown in diverse directions. Starting in 2010, the company began expanding its market portfolio by acquiring important real    estate websites, in order to cover the entire commercial real estate market from end-to-end – from office, warehouse to retail market search portals. Some of the most important acquisitions happened in 2014 with, 2015 with which had been successfully operating online in Hungary for 12 years, and again in 2015 with BankRáció.hu which now works as a financial services website helping customers through the whole real estate process.

Ingatlan sets up seamless communication with B2B clients throughout their journey

Ingatlan realized there were gaps in its B2B communication. There was a lack of communication automation with real estate and private advertisers. This, in turn, was creating roadblocks in relaying information to them about upsell opportunities or selling new service packages. What Ingatlan was looking for was an effective and seamless journey using different channels, to reach out and engage real estate agents.

Insider analyzed the company’s challenges and implemented its journey orchestration tool, Architect, to engage its clients (real estate agents) through appropriate channels, be it web push notifications or Emails. This included sending reminders and follow up communication.

If an agent or a private user submitted an advertisement to be posted on the website, Architect engaged with them to encourage them to buy additional features.

Insider’s product development team added new features to the tool to increase its functionality and adjust it for data integration. 

With the assistance of Architect, Ingatlan was able to automate its user journeys, sell its products more effectively, and create a new web push communication channel with its B2B clients.

Ingatlan launches integrated customer journeys in quick time

Ingatlan was looking for an automated system of updating its data in real-time, as well as trigger effective customer journeys from its backend. 

Insider went about the process systematically by first integrating the company’s backend operations to fetch and update all relevant data. Besides this, support was provided to orchestrate emails and web push notifications as new communication channels, using Insider’s own backend capabilities. 

Ingatlan found that Insider’s integration processes, especially its one-panel dashboard, were smoother and easier to implement than that of its previous vendor.

Ingatlan was able to launch the first experiences after 1 week and to release its fully integrated customer journey process in just 2.5 months.

Looking Ahead

Soon, Nayomi will explore Insider’s journey orchestration tool, Architect, to bring personalized multichannel customer journeys into their marketing mix. Nayomi also hopes to enhance their onsite experience with automated web push and predictive segments to deliver truly individualized experiences to each customer. 

 The partnership between Ingatlan and Insider is getting cemented and stronger with time. The Hungarian real estate service provider rolled out an onsite Proof of Concept in order to test the onsite capabilities of Insider with both B2B and B2C users. 

Following encouraging results, the company wants to use Architect to further orchestrate offline and onsite customer journeys.

“Insider proved to be like a tailor-made platform for us, filling all gaps in our marketing strategy. It helped us communicate effectively and seamlessly with our B2B clients, that is, real estate. We have tried several other marketing tools in the past, but Insider stood out for its flexibility, support, and automation capabilities. During the course of our partnership, we have found that Insider’s tools are easy to use and do not require additional IT support. Also, the company’s plug and play Editors, multichannel orchestrations, and backend data integration made the tools an integral part of our marketing kitty.”

Balint Kuka

Digital Personalization Manager

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