HalloBumil : A Growth Retrospective with Insider

To start off, could you give us a little bit of background on HalloBumil?

HalloBumil is a parenting application that targets pregnant women with easy to understand information about pregnancy on any level. As a health-parenting application that focuses on pregnancy, we aim to offer our users with the most credible articles and tips from our team of doctors. Furthermore, we also offer our users with a timeline that enables them to monitor their pregnancy and the information regarding it. We are a part of Klikdokter group – a leading healthcare application in Indonesia and therefore, we are known to be Indonesia’s leading parenting application.
What prompted you to choose Insider?

As a leader in this industry, we are fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses that our application has. Hence, when we saw the alarming rates of returning users and uninstalled apps were, we decided to do something about it.

Prior to meeting with any technology partner, we laid down a list of requirements that we needed from our partner. As we strongly believed that through this detailed prerequisite, our partners will be able to assist better in maintaining our position in the market.

In terms of services, we knew that we want a partner that has a local support team while still possessing a global quality of service. While in terms of products, we want our partners that are able to offer us push capabilities – as we want to provide our users a unique experience and also show them the value and the quality of the product that we have.

There were other vendors that offer the same assistance as us, but what about Insider that stood out?

Like I mentioned before, there are two important factors that become the key indicator for us while choosing a vendor. We wanted a technology partner that was able to offer us a great local support team and strong mobile application capabilities that will enable us to achieve our targets.

During our research, the team at Klikdokter suggested that we should look into Insider. They spoke highly of the level of professionalism and care that they received from Insider’s team while working together and then we decided to explore this partnership.

After meeting with the Insider’s team regarding the challenges that we were facing, we were drawn to their attentiveness and the level of expertise that they brought to the table and after a few meetings with them, we knew that they understood our problems deeply.

That is where we realized that Insider will be the most suitable technology partner for us to tackle our challenges, achieve our targets, and maintain our positioning in the market. Even after signing them, they were still giving the same amount of support and enthusiasm in attending to our needs like they were in the initial steps.

HalloBumil were Looking for an All-in-one Solution to Drive Engagements on Their Mobile Application

Due to the type of service that we provide our users, all of our traffic and activities are on our mobile applications. Therefore, when we found that the problems related to our products are persistent, we knew we needed help.

We were adamant about looking for a partner that was able to offer us an all-in-one solution that would help us in trimming our app uninstall rates from new users and also increase our users’ retention rate for our mobile application. On exploring this information, Insider offered us their mobile app suites as a solution.

Additionally, with the problems that we were having, Insider’s team recommended us to utilize their Recurring Push features that enabled us to create an automated system to send campaigns to our users in a specific time frame from a one-time setup.

Recurring Push Campaigns Drove an Uplift of 3.9x in User Engagement

Through the solution that they offered, we were able to probe our users behavior which in turn allowed us to execute two different campaigns to target two different user bases.

In the first scenario what we did was we targeted our current users by implementing a daily automated push strategy that consists of sending personalized messages to users in accordance with their level of pregnancy. While in the second scenario, we wanted to target our new users and we did this by utilizing Insider’s welcoming new user journey capabilities in which we were able to showcase the features that our product had to offer through sending them notifications within the three days of the app installment.

In a short time after the implementation of the campaigns, we were able to witness an uplift of 3.9x in terms of current users’ engagement and a 2.3x uplift in the uninstalled rate from new users. A value we wouldn’t be able to achieve without the support and expertise that the Insider’s team and solution had provided us with.

Providing Users with An Unparalleled Journey

We are excited to continue working with Insider so that we could show our users the value that our products have to offer them.

Currently, we are in the process of creating more daily automation strategies in which we’ll be targeting our users that are in the pre and post-pregnancy state. Additionally, we are also looking forward to adding a survey feature into our application for getting better insights on the user journey to provide better solutions.

With that being said, giving our users the utmost experience has been our main goal and we know that our partnership with Insider will help us achieve this.

“Working with Insider has been a delight! Not only were we able to receive an immediate response from the team but also, they attended to our needs with such professionalism and care. In addition to that, through their mobile app suite products, we were able to deliver personalized messages to our users which allow us to obtain an average open rate of 18.93% which is higher than the industry benchmark. With that, we are excited to explore the next steps that we are going to take with Insider to help us push our ability to provide our users with an unparalleled experience.”

Mia Argianti

Head of B2B Marketing at KlikDokter & Founder of HalloBumil

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