Forum Sport drives +6% revenue growth with Al-powered segmentation

About Forum Sport

Forum Sport is a large sports material retailer in Europe, with more than 50 stores. A part of Eroski Group, it’s one of the biggest sports equipment brands in Europe. Forum Sport is expanding with the aim of promoting the spirit of sport, and to make sports more accessible and bring it closer to society. The company operates a European online store, mainly available to Western European markets like Portugal, UK, France, Italy, and Germany.

Engaging customers through Social Proof messaging, based on cart value segmentation

Forum Sport wanted to engage two opposite segments of customers to reach two end-goals: One, lead shoppers who had more than a certain value in their carts to purchase more. Two, create a sense of urgency for shoppers with lower cart values, in order to improve their AOV (Average Cart Value).

Forum Sport’s account manager at Insider recommended the use of Social Proof to create a sense of urgency and engage customers to add more items to their cart. Using a simple segmentation algorithm, users were divided into those with more than 150€ in the cart and those who had less than 150€ worth of items in their cart.

For users with +150€ in their cart, Forum Sport observed a 7.36% uplift in conversion rate, 4.32% uplift in AOV and 10.71% uplift in incremental revenue.

For users with less than 150E€, the Social Proof messaging campaigns resulted in a 2.61% uplift in conversions and 1.05% uplift in incremental revenue.

Engaging returning visitors to the site with cart reminder push notifications to complete their purchase

Forum Sport observed that cart abandonment rates were as high as 26% resulting in missed revenues upwards of a million EUR. They wanted to engage returning visitors to their website and nudge them to complete their purchase. 

Working alongside Insider’s Account Management team, Forum Sport decided to make use of Insider’s “Cart Reminder Web Push” to engage these users and remind them of the pending items in their cart.

Using these tactics helped decrease the number of cart abandoners. Observing a 5% CTR on Web Push Notifications and converting 3.67% of them which generated a significant uplift in incremental revenue.

Empowering users towards quicker decision-making with a countdown timer

Forum Sport wanted to speed up engagement on certain products and entice users to engage by creating a sense of urgency.

The team at Insider recommended the use of a countdown timer on the homepage—with added incentives like discounts or free shipping offers for a limited time. Users who engaged before the timer ended would be able to avail these offers.

Forum Sport observed an immediate +20% uplift in conversions from these campaigns. 

Looking Ahead

Going forward, Forum Sport will incorporate Insider’s AI-backed segmentation and personalization capabilities to implement individualized end-of-year campaigns targeting Black Friday, Winter & Holiday season shoppers.

The brand plans to continue to optimize the AOV metric across its onsite engagement by using Insider, focussing on certain product categories. In 2021, Forum Sport plans to work towards enhancing its personalization strategies and refine its segmentation to deliver more individualized customer experiences. Forum Sport will also focus on improving mobile conversions and creating individualized customer journeys, orchestrating individual journeys across touchpoints such as email, SMS and web-push channels to focus on reducing cart and browsing abandonments.

Quicker go-live, personalization and excellent support

“The results we’ve achieved within a short duration of using Insider is remarkable. The platform is easy-to-use and intuitive, helping us to understand our customer experience better. Their segmentation capabilities and user experience optimization tools work seamlessly with the web and mobile web tools to deliver the right kind of onsite experience to each individual user. We have been able to learn more about the behaviour of our users in relation to promotions and discount affinity. Our incremental revenue was pleasantly surprising, considering that we achieved it in such a short time.”

Nagore Sainz De Murieta Del Cid

Digital Marketer - Ecommerce, SEO & UX

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