Decathlon boosts average order value by 8% with personalized customer experiences

Using Insider’s dynamic attributes and onsite experiment tools powered by Amazon Web Services, we improved our website conversion rate by nearly 14% and increased AOV by 8%.


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About Decathlon

Founded in 1976 in France, Decathlon is an international sports retailer with 2080 stores in 56 countries Incorporating ever-evolving and high-performance design into their high-quality products at an affordable price, Decathlon is synonymous with top value for money and sporting adventures for millions around the world. The company has its own in-house `passion’ brands and experts who help create, design, and manufacture their products for various sports in Decathlon labs and studios around the world.

Notifying users of new offers, best sellers and last visited products through micro-segmentation

How do you notify users about new offers, best selling products, trending items and users’ last-visited products which are selling fast? Also, how do you also personalize these engagements and keep it relevant to users preferences?

The Notification Centre on Decathlon’s website made use of dynamic attributes such as “last visited product” to keep these notifications relevant and create a sense of urgency.

In just a month, Decathlon achieved an 8% uplift in Average Order Value (AOV) from the engagement on the Notification Centre.

Optimizing the check-out process and increasing Average Cart Value

Decathlon realized that a sizable portion of their visitors never proceeded past the check-out point. The company wanted to optimize the check-out process to reduce the number of drop-offs and also incentivize customers to add more items to their cart prior to purchase.

Insider suggested offering Decathlon customers a free delivery incentive on the condition that their carts reach a certain value threshold.

Insider’s Free Shipping Banners, displayed at the top of the Decathlon site, provided a visual reminder to users of how close they were to reaching the free shipping incentive.

Using this purchase trigger on the Checkout Page, Decathlon was able to optimize the check-out process, encouraging more users to complete their purchase and to improve their Average Order Value.

Overall, Decathlon increased it’s incremental revenue through a 14% uplift in AOV.

Bringing back users when their product of choice is back in stock

Decathlon observed that one of the factors that caused users to leave the website was products being out of stock. However, as it replenished their stocks frequently, the company needed a fast and effective way to reach out to users once their favourite products were back in stock. The objective was to bring them back to the site to make a purchase.

Insider helped Decathlon address this challenge with a ‘back in stock’ web push notification strategy, which uses both inventory data and customer behavioural data to deliver the right message to the right people. As the notification is delivered directly to a user's browser, it was a best-fit solution to engage users - wherever they were on the internet - and bring them back to view the product.

Decathlon achieved a 2.62% conversion rate through campaigns that ran `In Stock’ push notifications.

These notifications also generated an additional 6068 sessions which greatly improved engagement on the website.

Looking Ahead

Going forward, Decathlon will be working closely with Insider to incorporate the full range of AI-powered technologies into their on-site engagement strategies.

Built on Amazon Web Services, Insider’s AI-backed segmentation capabilities address onsite customer engagement—by micro-segmenting users based on dynamic attributes. This will, in turn, enable Decathlon to deliver highly individualized engagement to visitors, based on their dynamic attributes.

One of the areas where this will play a key role for Decathlon will be in optimizing the checkout funnel. By employing dynamic attributes to deliver relevant messaging to users during the checkout process thereby improving conversions and increasing Average Order Value.

Decathlon will also explore onsite notifications with dynamic attributes to engage visitors with messaging that is based on their unique activity and search intent. This will optimize session duration as well as improve conversion rates.

“We have seen a significant increase in our user engagement and key bottom-of-the-funnel metrics since we started using Insider’s web engagement strategies.  Our two-pronged approach was to reengage users who have abandoned their carts and engage our visitors with notifications that are relevant to their preferences and previous behavior on our website. Using Insider’s dynamic attributes and onsite experiment tools for our website, we were able to improve our Conversion Rate by almost 14% and increase Average Order Value (AOV) by 8%. We’ve been able to engage each user with highly relevant notifications and onsite banners. In fact, we are exploring other features of Insider's platform to create our perfect growth suite across all channels.”

Wojciech Zięba

eCommerce & Omnichannel Director at Decathlon Polska

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