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How PUMA reduced bounce rates and increased CVR by 27% with Insider’s personalization platform

Onsite optimization and personalization
Social proof


in CVR


increase in
customer reviews


increase in
search session

 4 weeks

Full integration and
campaign launch







Onsite (web / Mobile)


Top Search
Web push notifications
Tab Talk
Social Proof

Using Insider’s solution, we successfully enhanced our website to increase online revenue, and generate more customer reviews for our products. We were also able to reduce our bounce rate. Insider’s tools—including Social Proof, Tab Talk, Banner Management, and Top Searches—helped us generate a remarkable 27% overall increase in conversion rate compared to the pre-implementation period.”

Head of eCommerce Marketing and Operations

Executive summary

After recently relaunching its eCommerce website, PUMA wanted to enhance its online store performance and drive more sales. By partnering with Insider, PUMA was able to engage and nurture customers throughout the entire purchasing journey with personalized, relevant, and timely experiences. These seamless web experiences leveraged Insider’s breadth of channels to help prevent customer abandonment and encourage more shoppers to purchase items online. With Insider, the global sports retailer saw a 27% increase in conversion rate and a remarkable 10X increase in customer reviews compared to the period before.

About PUMA

Established in 1948, PUMA is one of the world’s top three sports brands, operating in over 120 countries and employing more than 20,000 individuals globally. PUMA’s core focus lies in functional performance sportswear and stylish athletic apparel, helping athletes achieve peak performance across a variety of sports, including the prestigious English soccer team, Manchester City. PUMA’s fashion influence is expressed through collaborations with esteemed APAC and global ambassadors such as IVE, NCT 127, Dua Lipa, and Rihanna.


Increasing product discovery and reducing bounce rates with Insider’s “Top Search” feature

PUMA used Insider's product discovery

The challenge

Brands get one chance to establish an initial connection with a customer, so it’s vital to create a great first impression that encourages shoppers to keep returning. PUMA recognized it could attribute its website bounce rates to poor product discovery – with such an extensive array of categories and SKUs, customers were struggling to find the products that were right for them. The sports retailer wanted to ensure every customer had a seamless, relevant shopping experience to reduce bounce rates.

The solution

To overcome this challenge, Insider suggested implementing its “Top Search” feature to prominently display the most popular search terms and category keywords (such as “AMI,” “Man City,” “soccer shoes,” and “suede”), directly beneath the search bar as users began typing. The team at PUMA was able to launch its first “Top Searches” web campaign in under one hour. 

When users clicked on these tags, they were directed to the search results page. This strategic placement of keywords substantially reduced the time and effort required for customers to locate and explore relevant products. The enhanced navigation helped improve customer engagement, speed up relevant product discovery, and reduce bounce rates. Top search increased search sessions by 6%, improving product discovery and page time.

PUMA used Insider's product discovery

We were aware of the importance of keyword visibility but were hesitant to implement it on our online store because of the challenges in allocating internal development resources promptly. Thanks to Insider’s assistance, we managed to implement this feature in just one hour, which was highly gratifying.”

Head of eCommerce Marketing and Operations

The results


Increase search
sessions by


in bounce rate


engagement on hero
product detail pages


Combining on-site banners and Web Push notifications to increase user reviews 10X

The challenge

When it comes to online shopping, product reviews have a big influence on a consumer’s decision to purchase. These reviews are a trusted source of information, with almost half of consumers placing as much trust in them as they do in recommendations from friends. 

PUMA was looking to generate more high-quality customer reviews on its newly re-launched website to encourage more customers to make a purchase and increase sales competitiveness. As reviews are user-generated, a strategic approach was needed to motivate users, prompting them to write a review at the opportune moment and direct them towards an appropriate reward.

The solution

Insider worked with PUMA to devise a review activation campaign. The team suggested Insider’s on-site banners. PUMA placed a banner on the purchase completion page to inform customers about the advantages and rewards for writing a review. They then segmented customers who hadn’t left a review within a specific timeframe and sent them targeted Web Push notifications about a larger, time-limited reward of a 30% discount. 

This approach provided a concrete incentive for customers to leave a review and instilled a sense of psychological urgency. Within one month, the number of product reviews on PUMA’s official online store increased more than 10X compared to the previous period. The discount coupons also led to repeat business from customers, with coupon expiration reminders encouraging customer engagement.

The results


increase in reviews
in one month

Fashion apparel is a category in which customers pay close attention to reviews, so obtaining high-quality reviews was crucial for us. Thanks to Insider’s assistance, we achieved a 10X increase in the number of reviews within just one month. This significant improvement played a vital role in enhancing our official online store’s relaunch.”

Head of eCommerce Marketing and Operations


Driving purchase decisions with Social Proof & TabTalk to increase CVR by 6%

The challenge

PUMA wanted to reduce the number of people who frequently visited product detail pages but didn’t add items to their cart. They needed a solution to motivate these hesitant shoppers to make a purchase, rather than click off the site.

The solution

Insider recommended using Social Proof, a conversion-boosting feature that  displays real-time behavioral data from other customers on product detail pages. Social Proof highlights how many people have specific items in their basket, are looking at an item, or have previously purchased. This strategy helped emphasize the popularity of products, encouraging potential buyers to purchase based on the influence of the crowd. 

PUMA tested various versions of Social Proof, including how many people viewed a product each day, how many people purchased the product, and how many people had the item in their carts.

PUMA also used Insider’s Tab Talk feature to further encourage customers who left the checkout page without completing their purchase. When a customer switched tabs during checkout, the browser tab’s title changed to “Complete your purchase,” accompanied by a flashing animation effect and a logo color change. This dynamic messaging aimed to draw customers back to the checkout process. The combination of Social Proof and Tab Talk helped PUMA increase its conversion rate by 6% in just one month.

The Insider team provided valuable support in designing an efficient nudge-to-purchase campaign, and the entire process, from planning to execution, was executed swiftly. The TabTalk feature, in particular, proved highly effective in re-engaging customers on our site. We leveraged custom text, emojis, images, and dynamic animations within the browser tab’s title text to achieve this success.”

Head of eCommerce Marketing and Operations

The results


increase in CVR
in 1 month


Insider’s suite of personalization and optimization tools, including Top Search and Tab Talk, have enabled PUMA to deliver relevant, tailored customer experiences while driving conversions and reducing bounce rate. Thanks to strong customer loyalty and an effective review strategy with Insider, the Social Proof and on-site banner campaigns saw a 10X increase in customer reviews and a remarkable 27% rise in conversion rates. Partnering with Insider has enabled the world-leading sports brand to power its customer experience with personalized, data-driven strategies, enhance the online shopping experience and boost results across sales and customer engagement.

Looking ahead

“At PUMA, we currently use email and KakaoTalk to communicate with our customers, but we’re constantly expanding and diversifying our communication channels. Soon, we’ll be implementing Insider’s Architect to provide a more long-term and consistent personalized campaign experience. We’re already working with our account management team on scenarios across online and offline, and we’re especially excited about the ‘next best channel’ feature, which will allow us to send messages to our customers’ preferred channels automatically.”

Head of eCommerce Marketing and Operations

Favorite feature

Top Search

PUMA’s favorite Insider feature is Top Search, which has helped the team improve product discovery, increase conversion rate, and reduce user bounce rate—and it took less than an hour to set up!

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