Berrybenka builds unified customer experiences using advanced segmentation for contextualized onsite product engagement

About Berrybenka

Berrybenka is one of the first and largest fashion eCommerce in Indonesia, through its three main platforms: (selling friendly-fashion products for women and men), (selling fashionable Muslim apparel).

Founded in 2012, the company has been embarking into the path of omnichannel retailing through the presence of its offline stores available across big cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Bali, Makassar, and Manado.

Berrybenka is focused on bringing a fun, easy, and reliable online shopping experience to customers with new arrivals and special offers every day, along with tons of benefits like easy returns, cash on delivery, and free shipping.

Connecting the online ←→ offline. customer database for a unified customer experience

One of the primary objectives Berrybenka had was to integrate their online-offline customer data. This integration would provide a more complete view of their customers and a deeper understanding of their behaviors and interactions across key touchpoints. 

The team at Insider enabled Berrybenka to seamlessly bridge the gap between the online and offline customer database, enabling deeper insights into customer behavior, wallet size, customer lifetime value, and other key factors influencing engagement, perception, and loyalty. 

Through this integration, Berrybenka could now create relevant customer segments based on a wide range of segmented attributes (likelihood to purchase, discount affinity, likelihood to churn, etc.) to deliver cross-channel individualized campaigns.

A unified customer experience for more perfectly relevant experiences

Having achieved the online-offline integration, Berrybenka looked to further optimize the integration by creating unified customer experiences and using the insights to create the right segments and target those segments more accurately with individualized campaigns.

A unified customer experience provides an in-depth understanding of all customer profiles and attributes (most active channels, last visited category, recent purchase, etc.), which help in better targeting and delivering more individualized experiences.

Enhancing customer journeys and onsite experiences through focused testing and recommendations

Working together with Insider’s growth consultants, Berrybenka started mapping  strategies to enhance their customer journey and onsite experience.

By leveraging onsite personalization features — like browser abandonment and cart abandonment recovery web push notifications — and interactive onsite overlays — such as gamified templates and InStory — Berrybenka considerably optimized their conversions and revenue from website engagements.

To further enhance these onsite personalization elements, Berrybenka also actively started A/B testing features — such as recommendations and web push — against a control group to identify high-potential personalization scenarios for campaigns.

Unifying cross-channel experiences and improving key bottom-of-the-funnel metrics

The next step in Berrybenka’s roadmap was to create connected, nearly frictionless cross-channel experiences. They achieved this by running the same campaigns for both mobile app push and web push. Berrybenka also unified the experiences across onsite and in-app campaigns to deliver seamless experiences across channels. 

The seasonal peak in customer buying presented an opportunity to engage and convert customers. Berrybenka used this seasonal spike to run campaigns that addressed the trends across multiple channels. 

By micro-segmenting customer profiles, Berrybenka was able to identify key customer profiles such as ‘new visitors,’ ’existing customers’, ‘last visited category,’ etc., which enabled Berrybenka to target users more accurately with individualized onsite engagement.

The onsite customer experience was greatly improved with onsite optimization features such as:

Exit-intent banners: To improve sessions and reduce drop-offs

Lead collection gamified templates: Interactive templates that improved lead collection rates

App-download banners: For users browsing on mobile web

Berrybenka also leveraged Insider’s Smart Recommender to enhance the engagement on the product page and cart page. The AI-powered smart recommendations showed only the most relevant product recommendations based on the user’s profile and past behavior resulting in greater engagement and conversions.

Growth beyond clicks and conversions

These growth strategies powered by Insider’s robust platform and AI-backed segmentation capabilities helped Berrybenka achieve multichannel growth that focused on bottom-of-the-funnel metrics.

Building a 360° engagement and conversion strategy across channels​

Berrybenka consolidated its strategies across channels and data from offline systems to create a comprehensive engagement strategy to power multi channel growth.

Onsite optimization tactics included:

  • Exit-intent banners and smart recommendations (on all pages): To bring greater personalization to users and improve engagement metrics 
  • Social proof campaigns run during seasonal sales peaks: To promote a sense of urgency and build customer loyalty 
  • Gamified templates: To help increase lead collection and onsite engagement

For the mobile app, Berrybenka used:

  • Cart-reminder app push notifications: To bring users back to complete their purchase 
  • New-user welcome push notifications: To improve the onboarding process and reduce uninstalls 
  • New-user purchase push notifications with offers and discounts: To motivate buyers making their first purchase using the apps
  • App-download banners on the mobile web: To incentivize users who were browsing on the mobile web to download the app and thus improve app download rates

“We’re very pleased with what Insider has helped us achieve in such a short time. What really impressed us throughout the journey with Insider was their active and hands-on approach in understanding our challenges and suggesting the best solutions to address our requirements. Right from the integration and onboarding to the first go-live of our campaigns, the entire process was smooth, quick, and efficient with no efforts or time being wasted. There was no IT dependency as the team at Insider took care of everything! We find that Insider’s unified approach to power growth has the fastest time to value in the market. Our key metrics, as well as revenue from onsite and app, have increased more in a quarter than our YoY growth before using Insider.”

Agata Trevelin Vifenda

Asst. Digital Marketing Manager

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