Personalized brand stories made simple with InStory


Every brand has a story to tell. How do you tell yours?

InStory brings the power of building social stories within your desktop and mobile websites as a new way to engage and convert your visitors. Bite-sized stories that expand from being a thumbnail
experience on the first view to a full-screen immersive experience, provide a great balance in user experiences and drive conversions. With just a few taps you can create stories to showcase products, last-minute deals, customer stories, and


Showcase brand collections

Deliver an immersive mobile web experience by showcasing select brands, top picks, style collections and more.

Promote seasonal sales and special offers

Running a Black Friday, or Singles Day sale? Create stories to highlight every aspect including special deals, seasonal offers, brand pages, and various categories.

Create price stores to speed up shopping decisions

Guide mobile web audiences through your price stores to help them find products in their budget. Say goodbye to sliders, home page code edits and tedious CMS changes. With a few taps, start telling your
brand stories.


Highlight popular travel destinations

Showcase travel experiences, highlighting popular destinations in a visually immersive way to build a more human connection with your mobile web visitors, while building a loyal fan base.

Showcase special travel packages and deals

Whether your users are airport-hoppers or occasional travellers, everyone is hunting for deals, off-season promotions and discounts. List top promotions on your home page or any other featured page to
drive faster bookings.


Share trending articles & exclusive stories

Highlight trending articles to your mobile web readers, as soon as they visit your website. Draw attention to your top stories and help your audience discover the most popular articles at a single glance.

Promote your influencers and authors

Showcase content from your top influencers and authors at a quick glance. Attract their loyal fan base by showing relevant content to mobile web audiences based on their reading history and pas behaviour.

Attract new age users with topic-based stories

Create stories to highlight trending topics on your home page and article pages. Guide your users to easily find a topic of their interest to increase engagement.

Automate your stories with Insider’s AI-powered recommendation engine

Leverage our AI-powered recommendation engine to personalize stories with products based on recommendation strategies
like user-based, viewed together, bought together and much more. Take your recommendations to true 1:1 personalization with affinities and advanced filters.

Measure and Optimize Your Stories

InStory is an unconventional, first-of-its-kind personalization product and it requires a different approach of measurement and optimization. So we built the InStory dashboard to give you a view of every
single metric all in one place—story-level metrics, story-comparisons and campaign trends.

Start building immersive brand stories

DIY story editor

Building stories on InStory come naturally. Start creating powerful brand stories using our
easy-to-use DIY story editor.

Visually rich experiences

Deliver immersive and engaging stories using visually rich experiences like images, GIFs and videos to drive
and reduce bounce rates.

Powerful segmentation

Deliver the right stories to the right mobile web audiences with our powerful segmentation capabilities. Target your
price-sensitive customers with discounts or do an early launch for your VIP customers.

AI-powered Recommendations

Brands need to tell the same story in different ways to different users. Show customized stories based on individual
needs and interests using AI-powered product and content recommendations.

Metric-driven Story-telling

Analyze and optimize your stories in real-time from a single dashboard view. Use powerful metrics to drive your
storytelling- views, exits, duration, swipe ups/downs, tap forwards/backs, etc.

Industry-leading Features

InStory works in both desktop web and mobile web and comes packed with features you’ll see nowhere else- Story
effect, swipe-up gestures, active-story identifiers, progress bars, click tracking, etc.