Auchan speeds up the path to purchase with price comparisons

About Auchan

Retail giant Auchan requires no introduction. It has a presence in fifteen countries predominantly in Europe and operates 679 hypermarkets and over 2800 supermarkets throughout the world. This is supported by an increasing online presence, where the retailer sells a variety of products online from groceries to baby products.
Fighting Back Slow Conversions

Some of Auchan’s online products were not converting well and subsequently selling as well as they could be. That’s when Insider was brought on board, taking over the problem by reviewing the pages, implementing changes, and testing.

The existing product listing pages were not categorized well and, as such, made it very hard for customers to compare pricing. Once visitors did click on a product, there was no price per unit and, unless they were prepared to reach for a calculator or perform mental arithmetic, making an informed buying decision was difficult.

The whole buying process was too slow. This was hampering sales conversions and turned the process into “a real headache” rather than an easy, intuitive process. As a result, Auchan’s customers were being driven to its competitors. 

Speeding Up the Path to Checkout

Using Insider technology, Auchan was able to categorize the product range more accurately. This made it easier for customers to find products, while they were also being introduced to associated products. It not only made comparisons easier but created upselling possibilities.

Although each product did show a price, they did not show a price per unit, a feature introduced by Insider. Now, customers could make informed decisions instantly as all the information they needed was given. Insider streamlined the sales process so the time to checkout was significantly reduced. 


The analysis of completed cart conversion rates before and after the changes were implemented show a significant increase in conversions. Customers can find and compare products easier, and checkout faster, making a significant difference in sales.

Auchan’s success story is not just an exercise in changing product description pages to make them a more effective sales tool, but in itself is a lesson in how to boost conversion rates. Customers need information to make an informed buying decision. If you give it to them, they are more likely to convert building up trust, with customers opening the door to repeat business.

“Insider’s technology is a real game changer. Their account management team is responsive and their know-how was instrumental in identifying the problem. With the help of their unique technology, we were able to change our product description pages to make the whole buying process faster for our customers. We saw a significant uplift in conversions.”

Olga Tarasova

eCommerce Director

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