Webinar – Unlocking Digital Growth: Insider’s Q1 Year-Over-Year (2017/18) Report


A prelude to our much-anticipated report “Unlocking digital growth: The best insights and trends for digital marketers across the globe”, this webinar is a feast for the hungry-data eyes. Insider’s Digital Growth Manager, Oguz Ozen, takes us through the best insights and top-tips for global and regional digital trends.

During this (fun and) insightful conversation, Oguz discusses, amongst other topics:

  • The effects of personalization as seen in numbers
  • The ever-growing (and massive) mobile penetration and its impact on other devices
  • How leading industries across regions are performing, and how embracing world-class AI-backed technologies can boost opportunities for brands across markets

Don’t miss out on these eye-opening stats, and many more growth-nurturing insights, in our “Unlocking digital growth” webinar, now available on-demand.

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Oguz Ozen
Digital Growth Manager, Insider
Gabriela Cavalheiro
Content Marketing Specialist, Insider