Putting customer-centricity at the heart of you cross-channel marketing strategy

Thanks to departmental and data silos, many marketers find themselves using a channel-centric approach to marketing. But the key to maximising growth opportunities at every touchpoint is to ensure compelling and consistent experiences across every channel. Consumers love brands that treat them as individuals; what can you do to deliver consistently outstanding personalised experiences?

In this Workshop, customer journey experts Insider will take you through some easy to implement customer-centric marketing strategies, focussing on ecommerce experiences and driving online retail metrics like conversion rates, average order value, and lifetime value.

Workshop takeaways include:

• Unifying both on and off-site customer experiences
• The latest messaging channels to complement your existing communication strategy (eg. Whatsapp for Business, web push, Facebook Messenger)
• Simple and compelling personalisation strategies
• Generating additional revenue opportunities at every stage of the customer lifecycle

Meet Speakers

Allison Kavanagh

Digital Growth Expert