Personalization at scale with Growth Management

Growth Management and Growth Hackers are emerging within (digital) marketing. The world of product management, (digital) marketing and eCommerce is changing and evolving. Consumers are expecting personalized cross channel experiences. You need to adapt to these changing needs, staying flexible, continuously experimenting and improving your users experience to stay successful. How to stay ahead and continuously improve in this digital and rapidly changing world. 

Growth Management helps you to stay in control and continuously improve by:

  1. Identify customers and to create personal experience at scale
  2. Understand customer behaviour and needs to offer the right product or service
  3. Reach your audience and engage with them across channels at the right time while maximizing profit

In this 20 minute LinkedIn live event we dive into the world of customer data (CDP), understanding Large-Scale Dynamic Purchase Behaviour (Segmentation, AI & Machine Learning Models), Recommendations as Personalized Marketing, and Cross Channel Journey Orchestration which will minimize your ad spend and maximize your margins. 

Can you afford not to watch this?