Mox by Standard Chartered: Neobanks Secret Sauce to Reaching 100K Customers in 8 months

The world is changing and banking is entering a new era. Mox Bank is a virtual bank in Hong Kong, backed by Standard Chartered, offering a new way for customers to bank, save, and spend smarter. In just five months after Mox launched in September 2020, more than 1 percent of Hong Kong’s population had signed up. The key is not age or digital savvy, but a mindset of more possibilities.

Watch this exclusive chat with the CEO of Mox Bank, Deniz Güven.

About Guest Speaker

Deniz is an internationally recognised leader in bringing new digital banking experiences to audiences around the world.

Mox is a new virtual bank backed by Standard Chartered Bank in partnership with PCCW, HKT, and Deniz is the CEO of Mox Bank, which provides Hong Kongers with a truly digital and personalised banking experience, which is helping them to grow and unlock opportunities. By listening to customers and concentrating on heart share, Mox works in a whole new way. 

Key Takeaways 

  • What it takes to build a digital bank and the future of lifestyle banking
  • Changes to the financial services landscape in other Asian markets driven by a refined operating model
  • Technology’s role in truly personalised service in 2021 and beyond