How social distancing is changing customer behavior

The recent global recommendation on social distancing has shook up businesses and consumer behaviors both locally and globally. As uncertainty over an end to this pandemic looms over us, consumers are slowly becoming more cautious about shopping in public spaces and are getting more accustomed to online shopping as a means of getting necessities. 

Aside from the change in consumer behavior on shopping, this pandemic has also created a shift in the popularity of product purchased by them in which it has created an unfavorable impact to some industries. 

So, let’s find out how businesses should prepare for the change that social distancing has created. 

In this 45 minutes webinar, Joe Harahap, Regional Director of Insider ID and PH will be joined by Bikash Pathak, the Head of Online Merchandising and Content of PT. Matahari Department Store Tbk, to have an interactive discussion about:

1. Social distancing in the workplace

2. Consumer behaviors on social distancing

3. How purchasing behaviors are made during social distancing?

4. Tips and tricks, to drive growth during these time.