A call to leadership: Best practices on heading virtual teams and meetings

Leading a virtual team can be challenging, especially in what feels like a pivotal moment in this pandemic. As pressure mounts on organizations, leaders are expected to optimise the performance of their teams and deliver innovation without face to face contact with their staff.

These disruptions to work habits impact performance and team leaders must stay vigilant in order to engage their personnel and deliver results despite these unfamiliar circumstances. So, how can team leaders take charge of their steer virtual teams and meetings in a positive direction?

In this webinar, Country Manager of Insider Ph, Amanda Al Jassmi, will be joined by Management Mentor of Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Jeff Manhilot, to discuss:

📲 1. How to lead remote teams through unprecedented business disruption

💬 2. Best practices to cultivate success in virtual team environments

💬 3. Actionable strategies to develop and deploy your leadership skills from home

💬 4. Common mistakes made by virtual teams and how you can avoid them

Meet Speakers

Jeff Manhilot

General Manager and Leadership Consultant

Inspire Leadership Consultancy