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Creating Customer Experience and Stickiness at Scale

In creating seamless shopping experiences, each touchpoint and channel utilized throughout the customer lifecycle should be second nature to them. Be it product recommendations, reminders to reconsider abandoned baskets, feedback outreach – all of these need to feel non-intrusive and timely.

Can marketers achieve this today realistically, and at scale?

Yes, today’s discerning consumers are averse to having content force-fed to them; they also gravitate to specific modes of communication. To be more effective in connecting with consumers, leading organizations gather data and create segmented insights by specific consumer profiles and behaviour. The strategic marketing goal is to achieve cut-through by constructing intricate journeys and share messaging using channels that consumers find most relevant and agreeable. 

Join GrowthOps, mixpanel, and Insider as we look into the big picture of consumer behaviour in Southeast Asia and discuss strategies that enrich customer experience and innovation that enables real-time data and personalization to achieving sustainable growth.

Workshop Highlights

  1. Identifying habits for effective monetization
  2. Unifying GTM and product strategy for personalized customer experiences
  3. Creating mindshare through habit reinforcement

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