2020 global digital growth benchmarks for electronics marketers

Top engagement metrics and trends across regions, devices and demographic segments

The consumer electronics industry is rapidly growing (up to $1.3 trillion a year) and evolving. Electronics marketers need to get a pulse of the industry’s dynamics to stay on top of their game.

What’s the state of mobile and web engagement in the consumer electronics market in 2019 and how will these metrics shed a light on 2020 marketing and growth strategies?

Download Insider’s 2020 Global Digital Growth Benchmarks for Electronics Marketers to:

  • Find the most-up-to-date industry statistics for crucial KPIs across channels including conversion rate, bounce rate, average order value (AOV), average revenue per user (ARPU) and much more.
  • Deep dive into metrics and benchmarks by region, device, user type, age and gender.
  • Get access to valuable insights to plan and optimize your customer experience strategy to drive growth for your electronics brand

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