Women in Tech Change-Makers: Confessions From Top Leaders and Ideas to Catalyze Change

Safety levels and technology are often determined for men not women; how crash-test dummies bear little resemblance to women’s bodies. Would it make a difference if cars were only tested on male models? If “innovative” health apps were designed with 70% biased data?

Data suggests that it would, and a great one. Except, most data is biased which leads to poorly designed products, technologies, cities and much more.

All decisions—from urban planning to product innovation, from health research to ticket prices—are made based on data. The cost of non-inclusive data for our society is immense. Simple changes done by implementing inclusive data improve the lives of many women, save thousands of dollars and increases GDPs significantly.

We invite you to watch an inspirational conversation with our Women in Tech leaders on the impact of inclusive data for businesses, and the ways companies can leverage diversity to drive growth. We exchanged ideas on how to catalyze a shift in the way we think about data and inclusion.

Watch our webinar with our leading Women in Tech

Belinda Esterhammer, Head of APAC @SaaStock

Founder of Springboard Group

Co-Founder of Women in Tech 

Jennifer Flowers, Global Head of Strategy & Business Management, Partnership Development & Innovation @HSBC

Founder & Co-chair of TEDXTINHAUWOMEN

and led by

Giovanni Musillo, Commerical Director @Insider

for an intimate conversation on:

  • How gender data gap fails business
  • Why we need inclusive data and diversity to drive innovation
  • How investing in a more balanced workforce achieves a higher ROI
  • The market potential of products targeting underrepresented groups

and much more!

LET’s design this mind shift one conversation at a time.