Remote Working 101 : A Guide to Account Management

While the world adjusts to remote working, for many account managers this is already the norm. The role requires you to stay responsive at all times regardless of your location.But it has its challenges. The inability to receive clear communications from both clients and other relevant internal parties can be a major source of stress and it’s essential that account managers have strategies in place to make sure that they serve and support their clients successfully.Join Ram Sanjiv, Head of Key Accounts at aCommerce, Kohar Santoso, AppsFlyer’s Customer Success Team Lead of ID/ANZ and Yigit Saruhan, Indonesia Director of Partner Success at Insider as they have a frank and honest conversation on the highs and lows of account management.

Discussion topics will include:

❌ The limitations that account managers have

💯 The opportunities that remote working is providing account managers with

🙌 Tips and tricks on remote account management