Growth Hacking Tips & Data-Driven Strategies With Ingatlan

The vast majority of marketers feel that data-driven marketing is essential for meeting ambitious growth targets. But it can be challenging to identify the right data and how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. In this edition of the Uplift Series we will tackle buyer personas, use the personas to inform our marketing decisions and share growth strategies on evaluating results and optimizing them to scale fast.

So we turned to Ingatlan’s personalization expert, Kuka Balint. Ingatlan is Hungary’s premier real estate advertising platform and Kuka has a wide range of experience strategizing and building personalization campaigns and data driven strategies at Vodafone, Wizz Air and now Ingatlan.

The discussion will focus on:

How has Growth Hacking changed in 2020?

– How should our data strategy evolve in Q42020?

– How can we improve our multi-channel personalization?

Join the interactive discussion with brands such as Estee Lauder, AmRest, Clarins, Philips, MediaMarkt, and many others as we navigate these interesting times together.