Growth 2020: Inside Australia's Most Dynamic eCommerce Operations

Growth2020 is an eight-part webinar series exploring the people, processes and technologies that empower Australia’s leading businesses. This is part one of our series To succeed on the front line of modern business warfare, you must invest in resources and weaponise your people, processes and technology to win the battle for customer engagement. Few have done this better than Wayne Baskin and the team at Booktopia. On Thursday, 30 April 2020, Insider’s Tony Katsabaris sits down (virtually) with Wayne to discuss how, despite insane traffic surges brought on by COVID-19, Booktopia has opened new communication channels to reach anonymous users, launched eBooks and audiobooks, pressure tested Christmas fulfillment services and rejigged its marketing programs. This practical 50-minute deep dive interview will also uncover the who, what and how behind the on-going success of an iconic Australian brand while also looking at the journey Wayne Baskin has taken to find himself amongst the country’s elite modern business strategists. Join us as we uncover:

  • People – Exploring the makeup, structure and interactions of different business units
  • Process – Uncovering how the sum of all parts comes together efficiently and effectively to create great customer experiences
  • Technology – Delving into the innovative tools that make up Booktopia’s tech stack
  • War Stories – Discussing the successes and failures Wayne has experienced through his career
  • Coping With COVID-19 – How Booktopia has enabled persisting success  through and beyond these unprecedented  conditions