Combining User Analytics with Actions to Create Personalized Customer Engagement

Mixpanel is sunsetting messaging and mobile A/B testing and has named Insider a preferred partner to transition Mixpanel customers to a new home for tailored customer messaging and experimentation capabilities.

Insider and Mixpanel’s strategic partnership will deliver enhanced personalization, including individualized product and content recommendations, engagement capabilities, and accurate user behavior predictions across multiple marketing channels.

The new messaging integration between Insider and Mixpanel dynamically syncs across systems—data from Insider events get sent to Mixpanel in real time, and cohorts from Mixpanel are automatically synced back to Insider. With this strengthened partnership, customers can frictionlessly integrate Mixpanel analysis into Insider campaigns in a simple, automated workflow.

Insider will offer complete support from implementation to onboarding and special pricing for all Mixpanel customers, with up to 3 months of complimentary services.

Watch this ondemand webinar to understand more about the partnership and the opportunities it provides. Click here to request a consultation with one of our Insider & Mixpanel specialists.