2020 Digital Benchmark for Ramadan & How to Design a Hight ROI Experience

On the 23rd of April 2020, Muslims all over the world will be celebrating the holy month of Ramadan and this celebration is known to be one of the biggest shopping seasons in some regions.

Home to 240 million celebrating Muslims, Ramadan in South East Asia has one of the biggest impacts on commerce in the calendar year. Typically, with this celebration, businesses have to only be aware of the shift in consumer behaviors. However, as this year’s celebration of Ramadan begins in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak,  it’s imperative that businesses have a robust digital marketing strategy to effectively serve and cater to the increasing traffic of online shoppers visiting their e-commerce platforms.

Having said that, this Ramadan may also be a turning point for brands to recover  from the impact that COVID-19 has had on their business in the past months. Hence, finding an effective digital strategy for the upcoming celebration is critical.

In this webinar, joined Joe Harahap, The Regional Director of Insider ID & PH and Hafidah Samat, Senior Assistant VP of Astro Awani Senior Executive Editors Malaysia, in which they will share their insights in regards to the construction of an effective digital strategy for Ramadan 2020.

Also, in this one-hour discussion, they will deep-dive into:

  1. How has the pandemic affected businesses in Indonesia and Malaysia these past months
  2. How should brands get their mobile app and website ready for the Ramadan traffic?
  3. How to design an effective digital strategy for Ramadan in the time of crisis?